Motivate yourself to quit smoking now

Still not caring to drop that cigarette pack of yours? Well, are you aware that in every eight seconds, someone dies from smoking-related causes?


Smoking cigarettes and tobaccos surely has their own paradise. However, you might be surprised to know that behind the curtain is a sly snake making its way to bite into your body. Smoking is a habit that you should stop now. Here are some facts about smoking and how you can start quitting from it:

Smoking causes a lot of diseases.

A smoker has ten times the possibility of having lung cancer in the future compared to non-smokers. Having heart attacks is also possible as smokers are perceived to have twice the higher chances of contracting it than non-smokers. In recent studies, tobacco was found out to have 4,000 chemicals in it. A good 40 of these chemicals are very much linked to cancer.

Smoking can kill your loved ones.

Your children and loved ones can contract diseases from the smoke they inhale from your cigarettes. Studies have showed that secondhand smokers, or those who have been exposed to cigarette smoke at home or in the workplace, were diagnosed with lung cancer and other smoke-related diseases. So remember that once you light up that cigarette stick, the lives of your loved ones are counted.

Women smokers are prone to having stillborn babies.

Pregnant women who smoke are not only the ones at risk. The babies inside their wombs will also be affected by their smoking. Infants may have low birth weight or may have inborn diseases. Pregnant smokers also recorded high stillborn babies.

Quit slowly but surely.

Never quit drastically in a snap of your fingers. Do this slowly so you can prepare your body from the lessened nicotine intake.

Get a substitute for cigarettes.

You might be tempted to light up that one last cigarette in your pocket every now and then. Avoid these situations by having a cigarette substitute like fruits and biscuits.

Throw them all.

Dispose of all your cigarettes at home. Have them crushed so you would not have any chance of getting them back.

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