Minimizing Back Pain Your Chiropractor Can Help

Minimizing Back Pain Your Chiropractor Can Help

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Who has not woken up one morning only to feel so much back pain that it was next to impossible to get out of bed? For some, this is a daily occurrence and as such almost goes by unnoticed, just like the pain pills that are being swallowed for breakfast. Fortunately, your chiropractor can help you to not only get over your back pain, but to also to adjust your daily life so that you will be able to eliminate a large number of triggers that cause back pain in the first place.

Minimizing Back Pain Your Chiropractor Can Help


Generally speaking, every activity has the potential to contribute to your aching back. It does not matter if you are walking, standing, sitting, or lying down – if your posture is not as good as it should be, even sleeping can be a trigger for back aches. Of course, there are some things you can do to avoid back pain altogether, or to at least minimize its occurrence. Your chiropractor will be able to help you with suggestions specifically tailored to your life style, but here are some tips that apply to almost everyone:


* If you feel a sharp pain in your back or simply a dull ache, write down exactly what happened when you first felt it. If it occurs frequently throughout the day, write down the times that it seems to present most of all to find out if there is a correlation between an activity and the onset of pain.

* Make an appointment with a chiropractor for a thorough exam and subsequent treatment as needed.

* Check your weight. It is no secret that overweight persons will suffer more often from back pain than those with a normal weight. After all, the bones have to do more work to carry all the weight, and if you are not overweight, this is a factor that will not present itself in your life.

* Wear shoes that make sense. Footwear is a sore spot for many a chiropractor, and whenever a woman comes to treatment in high heels, or anyone presents themselves with shoes that are so worn down that they make a healthy gait next to impossible, a chiropractor will point out that until the patient will invest in proper and healthy footwear, there will always be an increased risk of back pain.

* Lifting is an important subject for many chiropractors as well. When treating those who in the course of their work lift heavy loads or even lighter loads but on a continuous basis, chiropractors advise to lift properly with the knees and not the lower back.


Of course, if you already suffer from back pain, your chiropractor will be able to help you. Treating you as a whole person – not just your back – your chiropractor will adjust your spine, give you tips on proper nutrition and also help you to make good choices with respect to exercise. As you can see, back pain is not something that needs to be endured but instead with the proper professional help, you will be able to make it a piece of your history without popping so much as one pill!

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