How Middle-Aged Man Can Live More Happily

How Middle-Aged Man Can Live More Happily


Today, middle-aged men not only that have to struggle with issues of aging, changing life directions, less energy, changes in family responsibilities, etc., but also have to fit into working place and job market, where frequent changes happen on a daily basis. Rapid technological progress completely modified job market, opening more space for newly invented occupations and decreasing the need for many older. In this business atmosphere, young, proactive men with fresh skills set up a new standard that many middle-aged men find hard to cope with. However, what additionally aggravate this situation are cultural changes in our society that inflict irrevocable shift in male roles. Thus, authoritarian model of today’s middle-aged men’s fathers become a past while mostly individualistic and more feminine model of younger generation showed as unobtainable for many middle-aged men. Between these two different models, yawns a huge gap, where the most of today’s middle-aged men feel lost. But, what can be done? The article “5 Steps to Becoming a Much Happier Man” offers some suggestions that can help men to live more happily.

How Middle-Aged Man Can Live More Happily

1. Get some Exercise

There is nothing that lifts the spirit more than regular, moderate, exercise. The short term benefit is that exercise produces an adrenalin rush that also releases dopamine, (a neurotransmitter helping control the area of brain that acts as a reward and pleasure center).
In the long term, regular exercise helps you to feel good about yourself. Very unhappy people tend not to exercise, or certainly not with any frequency. Experts on fitness will tell you there are only 2 times when a man needs to exercise:
• One is when he wants to
• The other is when he doesn’t

2. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude:

Unhappy men find it difficult to be appreciative of much. They may well have justifiable reasons for their ingratitude. But reflecting on the positive, and perhaps making a short gratitude list daily – with gritted teeth if necessary – can definitely have its benefits. Over time, this list can help prevent the mind focusing naturally on all the negativity in ones life.

3. Embrace and Nurture Relationships with Family & Friends

People need people. Some men might think they are better off disconnected from their fellows, but this is just the mind playing tricks on the psyche.
Men who are in regular contact with family and friends are not only happier overall, but they’re healthier and live longer too, according to research.
It’s not that people make you happy by what they do or don’t do per se. Simply by being in the presence of others helps us to connect minds and so removes the loneliness of self. It’s all to do with a sense of belonging, or fitting in if you like. Being a-part-of as, opposed to apart-from, is crucial component of human contentment.
Widening your social circle and surrounding yourself with people you like and love can only help, not hurt, your pursuit for happiness.
“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships” ~ Anthony Robbins.

4. Be Good to YOU

One of the biggest reasons people become unhappy and stay miserable is by beating themselves up. Blaming yourself for anything and everything that doesn’t go your way makes it impossible for you to like who you are. And if you don’t like YOU, that usually means others will find it difficult to enjoy being around you too, adding to yet more melancholy.
“You, as much as anybody in the universe, deserves your love & affection”. ~ Buddha

5. Be mindful of your posture.

It might sound daft, but the way in which a man carries himself can have a huge impact on the way he feels and functions. There’s no question of doubt that a good stance and posture reflects a wholesome state of mind. Try holding the shoulders back, keep the head high, and wear a smile (fake it if you have to). Now watch as your mood lifts despite yourself.
A ‘correct’ posture also stimulates physical and mental wellbeing by portraying a more confident image of you. It also improves breathing; enhances circulation and digestion; gives out a better and more confident voice; benefits muscles and joints; assists a healthy spine; and of course, improves frame of mind.

Maybe these steps would not bring fast results, but with patience and consistency, they are shown as effective, in the long run. The changing attitude of seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty is the key to happiness. Every change in life direction or any action cannot be taken from the negative attitude, or at least, would not be beneficial. Every middle-aged man in times of crises can make positive changes and keep a good spirit. From that point, the field of possibilities will stretch, and new life can emerge. Seeing a middle-age crisis as a time to the renovation rather than time of failure is the first step that will move men’s life forward.

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