Many Americans Unaware Of Health Risks Associated With Obesity

Many Americans Are Still Unaware Of  Health Risks Associated With Obesity

I find it absolutely amazing that with all the publicity over the last fifty or so years, many Americans are still unaware of health risks associated with obesity.

“Many Americans don’t quite understand the full long-term consequences of obesity, according to results from the The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey. A surprising number aren’t fully aware of how many chronic diseases and conditions are associated with being obese.”

Only 50 out of a 1000 people surveyed realised that obesity increases the likelihood of cancers and respiratory illnesses. Quite amazing!

What is also surprising that when questioned how normal they believed their weight to be, half of them said it was within normal ranges when it is clear that over two thirds of the American population is overweight. It appears some people are in denial about their own weight. Or maybe obesity is becoming so common, that someone who is not obese may appear to be abnormal!

People believe, quite rightly that the main cause of this obesity epidemic is the TV, Computer and easy and cheap access to fatty and sugary foods. This is borne out by a study which shows that children who have electronic devices in their bedrooms are more prone to obesity.

The solution needs to be a better education of youngsters in understanding the need for exercise and correct diet. Nationally, this has to be a government undertaking to encourage more physical exercise in school hours and also more education in term time  on diet by making more healthier meal options available in school and less of the unhealthier options.

There is always a debate about how much government should interfere in personal lifestyle and decisions but if we have reached the stage where many Americans are still unaware of health risks associated with obesity, then it is time for the Government to take a more proactive role. What do you think?

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