Look after your skin to help prevent Acne

There is increasing realisation that acne is not just a problem of teenagers and not just due to one factor. Evidence suggests that you should look after your skin to help prevent acne since it’s not just because of an increase in male hormones beginning at puberty, although that is a major factor, but often due also to lack of proper skin care and a healthy diet.

A recent article spells out some of the ways to look after your skin which will have benefits in reducing the occurrence and severity of acne problems.

Some of the advice is as follows:

“We’ve all heard this expression before. You are what you eat. And, that applies to healthy skin as well. Dr. Dieter Kuster, CEO and senior chemist for Doctor Schwab, states that “diet is the fuel you need to keep going and bring the beauty from within”. He suggests that we begin “with at least one green vegetable a day then move to lean cuts of meat,” and course, drink lots of water.”

“With a proper diet, or at least eating healthy or healthier, should come some exercising. We’re not going to bore you with the benefits of exercise (you should already know how beneficial it is for your health), but it can also help out your skin. Simply put, exercising cleans out pores that are filled with all sorts of toxins.”

“We’ve devoted several articles here at AMOG to shaving products and how to properly shave. If you missed some of them, the gist is that shaving correctly will give you a cleaner and smoother face without irritation, razor burn, or ingrown hairs.  After you’ve got a good shave, don’t forget to perfect time to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. All three are vital to having healthy skin.”

“Cleansing is by far the most important thing you can do for your skin, specifically your face. This is because you need to wash out all of the dirt and excess oil that has accumulated on the skin surface, which can lead to breakouts. Instead of a bar soap you should stick with just a basic gel that should be used at least once a day.”

A lot of the problem of acne is recognized as due to hormones encouraging more sebum production on the skin of the face and this can block pores leading to bacteria building up and spots developing, but there is a lot you can do to minimize this occurrence by having a healthy diet and paying attention to facial hygiene.

This is all sound, practical advice, which is expounded upon in the article, and there is no doubt that there is a lot you can do to look after your skin to help prevent acne and give it a healthy glow rather than have a mass of pimples which is such a social embarrassment.

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