Help! What Can I Eat After An Attack Of Diverticulitis?

Help! What Can I Eat After An Attack Of Diverticulitis?

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You have just received the diagnosis of diverticulitis and have been given antibiotics to take, great! Make sure that you take the antibiotics as prescribed taking all of the medication. If your attack was mild you doctor sent you home with strict instructions to rest, which may include bed-rest and either a clear liquid diet or a low-fiber one. What if you are unsure of what exactly is allowed on a clear liquid diet or what makes up a low-fiber one? Don’t panic, this article will list for you the items that you can safely consume on both of these diets. The important thing is not to stress out and to rest. Take good care of yourself so your colon can heal.

Help! What Can I Eat After An Attack Of Diverticulitis?


What is allowed on a clear liquid diet?


You may drink water, fruit juices WITHOUT pulp, broth, which includes bouillon or consommé (chicken or beef), unflavored or flavored gelatin, Popsicles WITHOUT those bits of fruit or fruit pulp, and tea or coffee but WITHOUT cream or milk.


Basically a clear liquid is a liquid that when placed in a glass can be seen through. It is very important not to consume and milk or cream in beverages or to have any fruit or fruit pulp when on a clear liquid diet.


What foods are you allowed to have on a low-fiber diet?


When you have been placed on a low-fiber diet as you recuperate from diverticulitis you will want to consume a diet that will allow your colon to function but to not over-exert it. Foods that will not tax your colon are those that do not have skins, seeds or roughage.


Enriched white bread, white rice or plain pasta, noodles or macaroni all can be eaten when you are on a low-fiber diet. You can also eat any cereal that is labeled as a low-fiber cereal. You can also eat most raw, canned or cooked fruits without the skins. It is very important to skin all fruits and vegetables before eating them. There is a lot of fiber contained in the skins of fruits and vegetables. Make sure that there are no seeds or hulls in these canned items. You can eat meat, poultry and fish if they are TENDER. You can eat eggs, and SMOOTH peanut butter; crunchy peanut butter is a huge NO-NO when on a low-fiber diet. You can have milk and milk products while on a low-fiber diet, you can also have yogurt, and cheese. You CANNOT have seeds or nuts with your cheese. You can eat desserts when on a low-fiber diet as long as the desserts do not contain any seeds or nuts of any kind and in any form.


Within a few days you will be able to start increasing the fiber in your diet. Your doctor or dietician will instruct you on how to do this. Typically, you add about 5 to 15 grams of additional fiber a day to the low-fiber diet. This gradual increase in fiber allows your digestive system and your colon to become adjusted to the increase in fiber.


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