Health Benefits of Magnesium Supplements (Why Magnesium is So Important)

– The Code Red lifestyle is simple,it’s all about eating real
food, drinking your waterand getting enough sleep. We have evidence, and
thousands of success stories,to back up the fact that a high-fat dietis one of the most beneficial changesyou can make to your nutritionthat will lead to sustainable weight lossand better overall health. When you make the decision
to adopt this lifestyle,there are certain supplements
that I recommend for youto help you gain better health. One of these supplements is magnesium,and there are all kinds of
benefits that come with it. In this video, I explain
the health benefitsof magnesium supplements and
why magnesium is so important,especially on the Code Red lifestyle,Before we dive in, I wanna
tell you about the challenge,if you’re ready to join the
hundreds of Code Red rebelswho have lost the weight and kept it off. I have included a link below
where you can learn more. So, what is magnesium?Magnesium is a mineral, and
it’s very, very important. So magnesium plays such an
important role in your bodybecause it calms. So, you think magnesium and calcium. See, calcium excites, magnesium calms. It is so vital to your
bones, to your teeth,to cardiac muscles, to just
our overall muscular function. It also helps you sleep. Why? Because it calms and relaxes. So you’re gonna wanna
take your mag at night. It is water soluble, so
you can’t overdose on it. You’re gonna pee out any excess
that your body doesn’t need. But see, here’s the deal. You’re gonna wanna take
a good quality magnesium. You don’t wanna just take a crap magnesiumfrom a local drug store or
one of those big chain stores. You don’t want a supplementthat’s gonna dissolve in your stomach. What happens, you’re just
gonna pee out expensive urine. You want a supplement that’s gonnadissolve in the intestines. That way, it can be best utilized. That’s why the Code Red branded magnesiumfrom the company XYMOGEN is
absolutely hands-down the best. We have a very high quality mag. I can always tell when
I don’t take my mag. I don’t sleep as well, I
just don’t feel as good. So definitely go on
coderedlifestyle. com, click on shop,and you’re gonna find
the Code Red magnesium. It’s really great, because
we have it for a great price. If you wanna get it on
our website, that’s fine. If you wanna get it at one
of our events, that’s fine. But if you get it on our website,don’t forget, I pick up the shipping,’cause I really want you
to have the magnesium. The other supplement that Code
Red recommends is vitamin D. Now, vitamin D is a hormone. It is not a vitamin, even
though we call it a vitamin. Vitamin D is so vital to
the body in so many ways. And so, you can also pick
that up on our website,coderedlifestyle. com, click on shop. You’re gonna see the mag
and the vitamin D3 together. You can buy ’em separately,or you can buy ’em in a
bundle at a reduced rate. Don’t forget, I pick up the shipping cost. I hope this video has
helped you gain more insightinto what magnesium is all about,so that you have the proper
knowledge going forward. Before you go, be sure to click the linkfor the Code Red 10-Pound
Takedown Challenge. Whether you need to lose
the first 10 pounds,the last 10 pounds, or just
jump start your journey,it’s gonna help set you up
for success for the long run. If you liked this video,
give me a big thumbs up. And better yet, subscribe to this channel. That way, you’re notified
when I release a new video. I wanna hear from you. I would love to hear what
benefits you’ve experiencedsince taking the Code Red
magnesium from XYMOGEN. Comment below, and I’ll
see you on the next video.

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