Fibers Shown to Lower Prostate Cancer Risk


Milan, Italy – Vegetable fiber is shown to lower the incidence of prostate cancer as published in the March 20, 2004 edition of the International Journal of Cancer. The researchers noted that this is the first study linking vegetable fibers to prostate cancer risk.

The Research Study
The study was done in 1,294 men who have histologically confirmed prostate cancer and 1,451 men who have acute non-malignant conditions.

After 11 years of multi-center case-control study by the researchers, they found out that taking vegetable fiber, soluble fiber and cellulose is inversely proportional to high prostate cancer risks.

Among the 3 fibers, vegetable fiber was the most protective fiber among the male subjects. Those who consumed greater amounts of vegetable fibers were 18 percent less likely to have prostate cancer than those who did not consume or who had fewer intakes of vegetables. The results were consistent regardless of family history of prostate cancer, body mass index, educational background and age.

Implication of the Study
Researchers concluded that vegetable fiber is most effective in lowering prostate cancer risk. However, they also pointed out that other nutrients present in vegetables may have also helped in fighting off prostate cancer.

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