Eye Health Tips

Eye Health Tips

Eye Health Tips

Eye Health Tips

If you are looking for eye health tips then these might surprise you. You might think that sunglasses are all the protection you need in the summer, but you might be surprised there are other things that you could be doing to improve your health.

It is important that you don’t rub your eyes even when they itch; this is because this can cause damage to your eyes. It can actually cause damage to the lens of the eye.

If your eyes are itching then you can lubricate your eyes with artificial tears, this will prevent any damage occurring.

The most important eye tip that you can receive is to take care of your eyes through the food that you eat.

Having a healthy  diet helps your whole body, it is not just about providing the right fuel but the right food to take complete care of all the organs in your body, this includes your eye health.

It is important to have a diet that is rich in beta carotene; it is a diet that is rich in color. If you fill your plate with carrots and red peppers you will be reassure that you are taking care of your sight too. The above video interviews a doctor who stresses the importance of beta carotene for maintaining good eye health.

If you are a contact lens wearer then it is important that you do not in any circumstances place you contact lens in your mouth….sounds bizarre!

This is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the bacteria will get onto your contact lens and you are then putting the germs straight into your eye, bacteria can then cause a cornea ulcer. This is painful and preventable infection that could have been avoided.

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