Eye Health: Eye Migraines

Eye Health: Eye Migraines


The eye migraines or ophthalmic migraines are very common in a lot of people; in fact, people may be having this condition without even noticing it. Despite the fact, its solo term pertains to a severe headache. Ophthalmic migraines are usually not painful at all. However, it is still an eye health related disease that may.

Eye Health: Eye Migraines


Instead, what eye migraines cause are visual disturbances that may come with or without headaches. When it comes with a headache, it is probably due to the fluctuation in your brain’s blood flow.


This condition is not very popular among lay people, and very little attention is given to it so if you may be experiencing ophthalmic migraines, this article may be useful to you.


Migraines come about when the body’s neurologically responds to certain triggers like changes in your body’s hormonal production, food, events or even your medications. The duration of migraines vary depending on its severity, from a few minutes to several days.


However ocular migraine occurs, the blood flow in the part of the brain that is responsible for you vision fluctuates. This is why some of the sufferers complain about seeing flickering lights or shards of light in their blind spot. What happens here is the blind spot enlarges and tend to occupy your field of vision. This kind of condition usually lasts from about a few seconds to a maximum of 10 to 30 minutes.


Usually, eye migraines are not considered to be a serious condition to be in. They usually occur with little or no pain at all. In contrary to the belief of others, you do not suffer any risks of having permanent eye or brain damage when you have eye migraine. However, it won’t hurt to visit a doctor to have you diagnosed for any sicknesses related to this condition.


What to do when you have Eye Migraine?


It is unfortunate that there is little that can be done to prevent the occurrence of eye migraines. This is attributed to the fact that the trigger to this phenomenon is poorly understood.


Sometimes, vision migraines are just caused by stress and fatigue or a symptom of other major complications like hypertension. When you experience an eye migraine episode, it is advisable to pause for a while and wait until it subsides. Having this kind of condition when your vision matters the most can be dangerous.


Never push yourself in activities like driving, work, walking etc. as you can endanger yourself and others. It won’t hurt anyone to take a break rather than pushing themselves to their limits risking everything.


When you regain your regular vision, you can continue with your activity. If you are experiencing frequent eye migraine, you should consult your doctor.


Eye migraines seldom require any treatment. However, if symptoms recur in an unusually frequent rate, the doctor can prescribe you with medication or schedule you for an in depth diagnosis on what really causes the eye migraine episodes. Only trust the doctor or the ophthalmologist’s judgment and never self-medicate because it can only worsen the situation.


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