Looking for an Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Easy Way to Stop Smoking

easy way to stop smoking
easy way to stop smoking

Is there an easy way to stop smoking? You may be wondering why you have not successfully quit smoking after several varied attempts. You may have tried a lot of varying tactics but still came out empty-handed. Slow down for a while and relax. You may be putting a lot of pressure to yourself.

Do not be upset. Quitting smoking is a really hard task for some people who have been accustomed to the habit for a long time. It takes a lot of courage and patience to do it successfully. To help you re-evaluate and restart your steps, here are some guidelines that you can use to quit from smoking without the pressure.

Remember that you are up for a hard task.

Being realistic would give you a clearer view of what lies ahead. Admit that quitting smoking would be hard for you at first. But, also remind yourself that it is something that you can surpass.

Bring in a lot of patience.

While starting to quit smoking, you might experience withdrawal symptoms and trembling of the body. All these are just part of the process since your body is still adjusting to the new environment. Aside from these effects, you may also be tempted to light a stick from time to time. Others may not even understand why you have to quit smoking. Handle all these situations with patience. Pair these with good will and you will go far.

Settle away from temptation.

Your discipline might not be in its full health while you are still starting to quit. In this regard, avoid any situations that can lead you to smoke. For example, if your classmates or officemates are up for their smoking breaks, go and excuse yourself for a while. Do something that you would want to do like getting coffee or going to the toilet to freshen up.

Count the benefits that you will get in the end.

There are a lot of benefits that quitting smoking can give you. Let them be your source of pride. Write them in post-it notes and stick them to places you often stay in if you wish. They will serve as your very own cheering squad. It may also be useful to have a list of ‘pain’, in other words what would be the consequences of not quitting. When the pain becomes too much you will decide to quit and that is the easy way to stop smoking.

Here is a video of a woman who found an easy way to stop smoking, and the answer is simple just forcefully decide that enough is enough!

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