Correcting Your Posture Your Chiropractor Can Help!

Correcting Your Posture Your Chiropractor Can Help!


Nothing causes as much consternation as being told that many of your health problems may be aggravated by your posture, while at the same time some ailments might be adversely affecting your posture. While it may appear that you are caught up in a vicious cycle, your chiropractor knows a way out of this apparent dilemma.

Correcting Your Posture Your Chiropractor Can Help!


First and foremost, you need to understand the advantages of proper posture. Your chiropractor will be certain to point out to you that good posture – no matter what your activity might be – will ease the strain that your back and neck are experiencing. Those who frequently find that they lose their good posture at work or during hobby activities will find that it is not as hard as it sounds to change their habits to increase their ability to attain a healthy body posture.


For those in need of a bit of extra help, here are some tips your chiropractor desperately wants you to have:


* Standing is an activity engaged in throughout the day. Yet did you know that there is a correct and an incorrect way of doing so? For example, your weight should be born by the balls of your feet, and not your toes – which might be a difficult pill to swallow for those ladies who enjoy wearing high heels.

* When standing, your knees should not be locked but instead slightly bent and your feet should be about shoulder wide.

* Your shoulders should be pulled back, your head up, and your stomach sucked in.

* Avoid hunching over, or leaning against walls in such a way that your weight is no longer evenly distributed between your feet.

* As you sit, your feet should reach the floor. Avoid crossing your legs.

* If at all possible, while sitting your knees ought to slightly lower than your hips.

* Do not sit still for long periods of time, but if you must, engage in a number of little exercises your chiropractor can devise for you.

* While it may appear that lying down should be a snap, the reality of the matter is that lying down is the single most contributing factor to back pain and also neck pain.

* As you are sleeping, you should do so on a mattress that is comfortable for you. Do not fall for the gimmicks of special sales or high pressure pitches, but instead purchase only the kind of mattress that makes lying down a good activity for you. While many suggest a firm mattress, there are those who will benefit more from a soft one.

* Ask your chiropractor about special pillows to help correct postural disorders.

* Sleep on your left side, if possible, but your back is fine as well. Sleeping on your tummy is not usually recommended.

* If you are sleeping on your side, place a pillow between your legs to keep your knees in proper alignment. This will radically cut down on the backaches you will be experiencing.


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