Chiropractic Job Security in an Insecure Market

Chiropractic Job Security in an Insecure Market


Today’s students are not as starry eyed as yesterday’s idealists. In the past the majority of students would follow a dream, believing that if they did what they really loved, the money would eventually follow. In a global economy where downsizing is the name of the game, outsourcing is becoming a way of saving when it comes to the bottom line, and mergers are the battle cry of the shareholder driven CEOs, it is not surprising that many who are looking to undergo an intense course of study – such as it is required for a degree in chiropractic medicine – and also fund it will not want to do so in a field that provides little if any job security. Add to this the idea that because of uncertain economic conditions there are many professions which are either radically changing – think of the travel industry – or completely going by the wayside, and it is not surprising that today’s are no longer willing to invest their time and money into career training that may not get them ready for tomorrow’s job market.

Chiropractic Job Security in an Insecure Market


Fortunately for aspiring chiropractors, their job outlook is exceptionally good. After all, they are in a profession that cannot be outsourced, merged, or downsized away. In addition to the foregoing, the United States government has predicted that chiropractics is one of the fastest growing fields for at least the next seven years, especially in light of the fact that alternative medicine is becoming a big business and the demand for this kind of medical care is skyrocketing. Consider the growth of the health food industry, alternative healing methods, and the advances in alternative methodology and you can quickly understand why the outlook for future chiropractors is so sunny.


Of course, perhaps the biggest bonus handed to the chiropractic profession is the simple fact that the insurance industry has begun to accept chiropractors as primary care physicians and as such they are now firmly accepted into the medical care networks of many a plan. Furthermore, patients like the idea of being able to visit a physician, who will not run a number of invasive tests, but who will instead focus more on the patient as a whole than just a collection of data. Since Americans overall are becoming more mindful of their living patterns, eating cycles, and exercise rhythms, chiropractors are filling in the gap that existed by the conventional physician who would prescribe a number of drugs and also order a vast amount of tests to be done, rather than counsel on nutrition, stress the connection between mind and body, and not be afraid to suggest aromatherapy as an acceptable form of relaxation. Add to this fact the well documented idea that Americans on a whole are getting older and the ailments are thereby increasing, and you will not help but be convinced that an investment in chiropractic education is bound to offer a hefty payoff and provide the newly minted chiropractors with job security, soon to be realizes prosperity, and also a lasting career that will provide for a comfortable retirement.

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