Basic Information on the Gall Bladder

Basic Information on the Gall Bladder

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The gall bladder is the organ in the digestive system that helps you digest food and it works with the liver to do this. This is because the gallbladder connects the liver to the small intestines and it breaks down the food waste called bile that is produced in the liver and then the gallbladder stores this and it later travels to the small intestines. Some people develop gallstones in the gallbladder and this occurs when parts of the bile crystalize or when the gallbladder swells inside the body. When this happens you should visit the doctor immediately because depending on how bad the gallstone is, the gallbladder may need to be removed.

Basic Information on the Gall Bladder

 How to Determine if Gall Bladder is Not Working Properly

 One of the symptoms of a poorly working gall bladder is when you experience pain in the stomach that never disappears. Some people may experience the pain every few months or years but you should still be on the alert just in case. Gallbladder inflammation is another symptom and in these cases you may experience pain not just in the stomach but also in the back and you may also experience vomiting.

Detox of Gall Bladder

 Sometimes you will need to cleanse your gallbladder in order for it to work properly and you can detox the gallbladder by cutting back on foods that are high in fat, sodium and cholesterol such as red meats, eggs and processed foods that are high in carbohydrates. Replace these foods with fruits, vegetables and plenty of water and gradually you will have a better functioning gallbladder. Green apples in particular make gallstones softer and you can also drink olive oil and lemon juice with a third cup of water.

How Does The Digestive System Operate When Gallbladder is Removed?

 Some people experience severe gallbladder problems and eventually have the gallbladder removed but it will not threaten your life if it happens. In fact, a person doesn’t need his gallbladder in order to have a working digestive system because the bile that is in the liver travels straight to the small intestine instead of to the gallbladder then the small intestines.

About Gallbladder Cancer and Treatment

 Although it is a rare occurrence, some people may experience painful and uncomfortable symptoms because they have gallbladder cancer. The most common treatment for this cancer is gallstone removal surgery and other treatments include partial removal of the liver and the gallstone, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. You should ask your doctor which treatment would work the best if you have gallbladder cancer.


 Your gallbladder is designed to assist you in breaking down foods and digesting them easily but it is not necessary to have a good digestive system. This does not mean that you should not do what you can to maintain your gallbladder for a long time.

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