About Male Infertility

About Male Infertility

Image courtesy of jscreationzs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of jscreationzs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 For men who wish to start a family with their spouses, male infertility is often frustrating for them because male infertility is defined as the inability to produce fertile sperm in a woman’s body. One cause of infertility for some men is the lack of ability to keep erections, production of white colored urine or ejaculating without semen. Some men may experience infertility because of hormonal imbalances or issues with their reproductive organs such as the testicles. If you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol or eat the wrong foods, this could affect your fertility chances.

About Male Infertility

 Your Testicles and Increase in Sperm

 If you want to increase your fertility chances, your testicles should be cool and you want to avoid wearing very tight jeans, sleeping pants and underwear because the heat from these items cause a low sperm count in men. You also want to avoid long hours in a hot tub or shower.

Possible Male Infertility Treatments

 Some fertility doctors prescribe hormonal treatments if the believe that the infertility is because of hormonal imbalances. HCG is one of the main hormone treatments men get to treat infertility but men should remember that this may not work for every man. If a man experiences the kind of ejaculation where the sperm does not move in the most efficient way in order for pregnancy to occur, the doctor can attempt to kill off slow moving or dead sperm in the man’s urine.

Vitamins Needed to Decrease Male Infertility

 Vitamin C has been proven to increase sperm production and mobility and while citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C, you can take vitamin C supplements or consume a fiber drink that is fortified with vitamin C. Other vitamins you should take include vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins. Zinc and L-arginine are also essential minerals for sperm production and some medical experts recommend that men take Omega 3 fatty acids.

Choosing A Quality Fertility Doctor

 If you have friends who struggled with male infertility but who are now able to conceive, talk to them about their fertility doctors and get the names and numbers of the doctors. You should also contact your health insurance provider if fertility treatments are covrered under your current plan. If fertility treatments are covered, look over the list of fertility doctors that are under your plan and do research on them.


 Since male infertility takes its’ toll on you and your spouse mentally, you will need to count on each for emotional support and if necessary, seek help from a counselor or your pastor if you belong to a certain denomination. Join an infertility support group and exchange numbers so that you can build friendships with those who are in your situation. Finally, relax by reading good books, learning a new hobby and getting adequate rest at night.

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