A blow by blow analysis on Prostate cancer

A blow by blow analysis on Prostate cancer


As the modern world forges forward for more revolutionary breakthrough, diagnostic procedures have also become faster and accurate than ever. This appears to be a significant development to determine diseases at early stage, before it even goes to a stage, where medical treatment can no longer be

Though there has been no clear explanation as to the origin of prostate cancer, so it is better to be aware of the risk factors that accelerate the possibility of being inflicted by this disease. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that these risk factors are out of anyone’s control, so going into at least thrice a year of screening tests is a must if you want to secure yourself prostate cancer free.

A blow by blow analysis on Prostate cancer

Genes are what constitutes human trait and characters. Thus, it means that if a family or a clan had recorded one or more cases of prostate cancer, it is more likely that there will be another one, if not in the present, it will certainly occur in the future.

Age is another factor that prompts cancer of the prostate. In the worldwide survey conducted by a cancer prevention organization, it was stated that prostate cancer cases in men at early age-bracket are unusual, but after reaching the age of 50 and up, the rate to develop cancer growths increases dramatically.

Race is cited also as a risk factor for this disease. According to recent studies, it points out that Afro-Americans tally more cases of prostate cancers than any other races, including Caucasian-American and Asians.

Of course, diet cannot be ignored in the discussion of prostate cancer risk factors. Foods high in fat and low in fiber are considered agents that speed up the synthesis of cancer cells, resulting rapid growth of cancerous tumors. It is advisable to eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants.

Though there are no findings yet that point on the relationship of obesity to prostate cancer, experts believes that high amount of body fat can stimulate glands to produce hormones, which later on produce cancer cells.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle might be the best way to combat not only prostate cancer, but as well as other types of malignant growths. Dairies and red meat must not be taken in a regular basis, due to their high fat content.

Instead, it is appropriate to substitute them with fishes, fruits, and green, leafy vegetables that have essential nutrients capable of fighting pre-cancerous cells. Sometimes what we only need is basic approach to make the prostate gland and as well your body lively and tough against cancer.

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