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Common Triggers of Ocular Migraine

Common Triggers of Ocular Migraine An ocular migraine affects vision, usually in one eye and can be accompanied with pain, typical for a migraine. Often, people who suffer from an ocular migraine experience loss of vision that can last from a few to 30 minutes. It rarely lasts longer than an hour. People with an ocular migraine frequently report the loss of vision in the same eye. Ocular migraine happens when blood vessels contracts and hinders regular blood flow to […]

Are Men in Glasses Sexy?

Are Men in Glasses Sexy? Glasses, that were associated with the nerds once, become the great fashion accessory today. In our modern society, they represent more than a way for improving the eyesight. As in a way of clothing, the frame of glasses can say a lot about a man’s character and can be an important detail that will complete the man’s outfit. If choosed carefully, they can add to the man’s personality attractiveness, intelligence, reliability and sex appeal. They […]

Conjunctivitis in Men

Conjunctivitis in Men Conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’ is a common issue of the eyes, especially in the periods when viruses and bacteria have been spread around. It occurs very often as the side effect of some kind of infection or flu. Medicine identifies four types of conjunctivitis: allergic, bacterial, viral and chemical. It is not a serious health risk in the most cases, but if lasts more than 3-4 days it requires medical treatment. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation that irritates […]

Working in Front of The Computer Could Damage Eyesight

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Working in front of the computer could damage eyesight Image credit: Flickr cc A recent Japanese study found that people that stare at a computer screen all day long are more predisposed of making conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions, compared to people that are not exposed to screen radiations. The study focused on revealing the degree of dryness in people’s eyes. According to the results, people who work in front of computers for more than 7 hours per day have […]

6 tips for keeping your eyesight in good health

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Can eyesight conditions be prevented? 1. If you believe you’re interested in preserving the health of your vision, one of the first things you should do is consult your family history, to see if eye issues were present in past generations. Diabetes is a pathological issue that also affects eyesight, so make sure to check on every possible hint in your genealogy. 2. You should go to regular physical exams. It’s not only about checking your eyes, it’s about the […]

Eye Health Tips

Eye Health Tips If you are looking for eye health tips then these might surprise you. You might think that sunglasses are all the protection you need in the summer, but you might be surprised there are other things that you could be doing to improve your health. It is important that you don’t rub your eyes even when they itch; this is because this can cause damage to your eyes. It can actually cause damage to the lens of […]

Eye Care Tips

Eye Care Tips Eye care is essential for your overall health and there are several ways you can take better care of your eyes. The best way to do this is by visiting your eye doctor at least once a year and every few months if you have an eye disorder or another illness that affect your eye’s health such as diabetes. It also helps to read a few books on eye care and attend local seminars on proper eye […]