Walking Fido with Your Chiropractor’s Blessing

Walking Fido with Your Chiropractor’s Blessing


Everyone knows that walking is a healthy activity and with the sudden rise in public awareness, the pedometers are firmly engaged and many will walk in the evenings, in the morning, and whenever possible. Sine many now own dogs, the latter also benefit from the realization that walking is a healthful course of action, and man and hound live happily ever after, or do they? Sadly, there are many for whom walking is not an activity they are looking forward to. Ankle pains, lower back pain, blisters, and a whole host of other complaints are oftentimes heard in a chiropractor’s office when someone is beginning a new walking regimen. Many a chiropractor wishes that an aspiring walker would come into the office for a consultation prior to engaging in this newfound activity, but in lieu of doing so, here are some tips that will make your next walk a fun filled and healthy activity:

Walking Fido with Your Chiropractor’s Blessing


* First and foremost, pick a time that works for you. Do not walk if you are going to be rushed and likely to cut corners, make bad choices with respect to crossing streets at dangerous intersections, and have to suddenly burst into sprints so as to make it to work on time.

* Dress for the occasion. Wear loose fitting clothes that are comfortable. Do not fall into the trap of trying to look stylish at the expense of being able to move freely.

* Wear shoes that both your chiropractor and your orthopedic surgeon would approve of. In today’s world, shoes run the gambit of being overstated, overexposed, and overly expensive. You do not have to spend a mint in order to purchase a model of shoe simply because it showcases the famous swoosh or a famous athlete’s name or logo. Instead, focus on functionality. There are actually different kinds of shoes that fulfill different kinds of functions – some are for running while others are for walking. Purchase the kind of shoes that fits your need, feet, and budget. Go to a reputable sports store where you will have attendants who can assist you with the purchase and help you to understand what you should look for in a sport shoe. Wear both shoes when you try them on with realistic socks such as you would wear during walking. This will show you rather quickly if the shoe will function properly.

* Invest in a pedometer. This will help you to ascertain if you are walking the requisite 10,000 steps to be considered active or if you are falling short of this goal.


As you can see, there is a lot more to walking than meets the eye. While every physician suggests walking as a healthy exercise, it is your chiropractor who will seek to counsel you in the proper methodology of walking so as to avoid spinal injuries brought on by wearing an incorrect kind of shoe which will result in an uneven distribution of weight which, in turn, would result in spinal abnormalities that could gradually develop.

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