The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

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The failure of people to get away from smoking after varied attempts may be due to the fact that the first few days of no cigarettes can cause a lot of trouble. Ceasing from smoking gives the body something new to contemplate on. It has to adjust to the seemingly new environment to be able to cope up. However, we have to bear in mind that these quit smoking effects do not last long.

Aside from these, the side effects of quitting smoking can all be managed and dealt with. But to give you a realistic picture, here are some of the most common side effects of quitting smoking:

Withdrawal symptoms

Having withdrawal symptoms alone can make you call off the idea of quitting smoking. Withdrawal symptoms can cause you to stay less focused or distracted. However, this could be managed by using quit smoking products such as nicotine patches and gums. Withdrawal symptoms are also caused by the sudden lack of nicotine intake. To avoid these from happening, gradually decrease the number of sticks you smoke each day. Then, after you are down to one stick per day, replace it with a nicotine patch the next day. Doing this will allow your body to fully adjust to the experience.

Weight gain

Since smokers are freed from the harmful effects of nicotine, they will have the chance to regain their body’s lost nutrients. Increase in appetite is also likely to occur. For some, this side effect is just nothing. However, people conscious of their weight think otherwise. Weight gain after quitting smoking can be managed by engaging one’s self in exercises. Substituting fatty foods with vegetable, fruits and other healthy meals is also a good move.

Uncontrolled emotions

The feeling of depriving yourself may arise as you go on. This can be likened to a man having no water during a travel in a dessert. To control yourself, set a goal and look at its benefits. Remind yourself of the advantages of a smoke-free life. It might also be helpful to put all these benefits in writing. Chart it out in a notebook you can bring anywhere.

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