The rise of Chondroitin Sulfate in the treatment of joint pains

The rise of Chondroitin Sulfate in the treatment of joint pains

Image courtesy of Praisaeng at

Image courtesy of Praisaeng at

As people age, a lot of ailments and illnesses arise. One of these inconveniences that older people experience is joint paints. As the body matures, its ability to lubricate or provide cushion to the ends of our bones diminishes. Because of this, pains in the joint areas are almost always guaranteed to come about.


The bodies of younger individuals can naturally maintain the production of new cartilage. This process is also known as new cartilage synthesis. In this process, the unhealthy or damaged cartilage is replaced by new ones via enzymatic cycles.


The normal wear and tear of the body hinders the process of new cartilage synthesis. In some cases, injuries and stress could contribute to this malfunction. Because of this, arthritis or other similar ailments characterizing joint pains may arise.


Chondroitin sulfate is just one of the many natural substances that is being considered as a treatment for joint pains. This substance has been mainly popularized because of its painkiller effect. Researchers found out that chondroitin sulfate acts similarly with notable anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen – thus providing arthritis patients more options for treatment.


The said substance can be found mostly on invertebrate. The cartilage of sharks is known for its chondroitin sulfate content. The cartilages of animals like cattle, pigs and sharks are also rich in chondroitin sulfate.


As the said animals are not entirely friendly to all people, drug laboratories have taken the time to adjust the process of getting chondroitin sulfate. For one, considering the culture of the market is a must. In countries where pigs are considered as dirty animals, drug laboratories do not get chondroitin sulfate from these animals. Instead of using this source, they gather chondroitin sulfate from other animals like sharks.


Chrondroitin sulfate is also available in the shells and body of shrimps. Next time you feel that you are bound to have an appointment with joint pains, take the time to stack your tummy with shrimps, pig and cattle dishes. And for sure, you will not have to worry about joint pains or arthritis for a couple of days.

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