The Effects of Biotin in Hair Loss

The Effects of Biotin in Hair Loss


There has been so much research on hair loss as it is affecting many people these days. Because the planet is becoming busier and technologically-advanced, it has affected the health of our hair. We may take a stressful day in the office or express foods as part of our normal routine, yet we have to be reminded that these things affect the health of our hair and may cause hair loss. There are also health reasons including serious infections and disorders prompting the thinning of our hair.

The Effects of Biotin in Hair Loss


With these things, a couple of solutions are also presented in the market. One of these solutions is the discovery of biotin in solving hair loss. Actually, biotin is just an ordinary component found on foods like soy, milk, banana, egg yolks, liver, cauliflower, mackerel and salmon among many foods. However, it was noticed that we are not taking enough amounts of biotin in our daily diet which may result to poor hair growth and noticeable hair thinning. Researches have proven further that biotin works well if coupled with other B vitamins like choline, frolic acid and other B vitamins. Sometimes, biotin also acts like a catalyst that promotes the production of important proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids needed for your hair.


There are special vitamin supplements that contain biotin and vitamin B. There are also shampoos that contain biotin. These shampoos help stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. As of now, not all people from the BFAD approve the use of biotin in hair reconstruction and hair regrowth. Thus, taking it is a risk that you have to consider. If ever you have plants to take supplements filled with biotin, you better do a lot of research first from different sources like online medical journals, from health enthusiasts and reputable health practitioners.

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