Surprising Health Benefits of Rice Water

Surprising Health Benefits of Rice Water


When boiling rice, many of us simply throw rice water do not give it much thought. Surprisingly, rice water has been known for ages in Asia as a highly beneficial to our health. Even though there is not much research on rice water and its health benefits, it has long been used among Asian people as a remedy. Rice water has also shown its powerful effects when treating hair and skin problems. Asian women often use rice water as a great skin care product. They use it to revitalize hair. A long-term use of rice water for rinsing hair make it softens and shines. Apart from its beauty effects, rice water has more to offer. For its anti-inflammatory properties, rice water can treat eczema. For that purpose, we can use rice water for external use. Two or three times a day we need to apply it and let it dry out naturally. After several days, we can see a significant change without side effects. However, health benefits of rice water expand even further. Namely, rice water is good for our digestive system and is extremely powerful when treating diarrhea. Not only that rice water stops diarrhea, it helps the recovery of our body after that. Many pediatricians suggest taking rice water to prevent dehydration in children with diarrhea. Moreover, it contains a lot of electrolytes, more needed elements after this acute digestive problem. To find out more about surprising health benefits of rice water, the article “Rice Water Benefits: Know Its Beauty & Health Secrets” gives us the following list.

Surprising Health Benefits of Rice Water

– Rice Water-An Excellent Source of Energy

– Rice Water Is Beneficial For Treating Various Digestive Issues

– Benefits of Rice Water in Lowering Blood Pressure

– Essential For Cardiovascular Health

– Help Greatly In Alzheimer’s Disease

– Rice Water Helps in Reducing Obesity

– Rice Water is Beneficial in Preventing Cancer

According to experts, rice water contains 8 essential amino acids, vitamin E and a lot of anti-oxidants that make it super healthy. This highly nutritious drink is also easy to make at home and does not cost a lot. To try out its health benefits we need only one cup of rice and three to four times more water. We may drink it immediately, or put it in a refrigerator where it can be kept for maximum four days.

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