Not Your Usual Quit Smoking Talk

quit smoking

quit smoking

Not your usual quit smoking talk

Sure you have heard and probably even read a lot on why you should start to quit smoking. You might think that this, yet again, would be another long sermon on what you should do with your life.

But hey, we won’t even delve on that. Quit smoking or stopping yourself from taking too much alcohol are just one of the many things that people are concerned of. However, we believe that these kinds of things should be left on the individual alone.

We may not be comfortable seeing people letting their lifespan shorten by drinking or smoking but we have to remember that they can do whatever they want to do.

Although you may want to keep on lighting those cigarette sticks as long as there is time, you should also be realistic enough of the consequences you are going to encounter in the future. To give you a preparation, here are some of the likely situations you will find yourself into.

Lower sense of taste and smell Studies have already cited that smoking impairs an individual’s sense of taste and smell. This means that a regular smoker is very likely to have dysfunctional sense of smelling and tasting.

Parchment-like skin at a young age Smoking takes contributes to the appearance of yellow patches on your nails and the parchment-like texture of your skin. Experts have also agreed that smoking is the cause of premature wrinkles. Dysfunctional organs When you smoke, the oxygen level in your blood is suppressed. This means that your organs are given blood with lower oxygen levels.

In time, this kind of impairment could make your organ quit from its supposed functions. Higher risk to lung cancer and other ailments You may be aware that smoking kills, but are you really aware that it really, really kills?

Statistics have shown that people who die of lung cancer have been regular smokers in their lives. These patients quit from the habit only when they found out that they already have the big C. Your smoking can cause your loved ones to get lung related diseases. Take a look at researches about second-hand smoke.

If you are still under any illusions then take a look at these two videos on the dangers of smoking. It is never too late to quit smoking so make the decision now!

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