Natural constipation remedies you should consider

Natural constipation remedies you should consider


Constipation is a condition that has long bothered a lot of people. The irritation a constipated individual feels could hinder him from functioning normally. Aside from this, constipation could also lead to a number of factors that could make matters worst. People with constipation usually have bothersome gas pains that do not easily go away. Periodic headaches are also common.

Natural constipation remedies you should consider


What are the natural remedies for constipation?



The fruit of cantaloupe is naturally rich in fiber that promotes digestion. It also has a reputation of relieving indigestion. The cantaloupe fruit is also rich with Vitamin A and C.


Epsom salts

There are people who have vouched that drinking water with Epsom salts produce results in the toilet. The solution is easy to do. Just mix one tablespoon of Epsom salts in glass half-filled with water. Take it before going to bed.


Flaxseed oil

Popularly known for its capability of bringing relief to constipation, flaxseed oil has really been making waves in this side of the globe. Mix one or two tablespoons of flaxseed oil with lots of water right after finishing your lunch or dinner.



Mild constipation can be treated by the juice of boysenberry. It is because boysenberry juice can act like a laxative. However, the juice of this fruit is not strong enough to treat chronic constipation.



Aside from its classic beauty, elderflower is also known for treating a number of illnesses. Infuse elderflower in water and take as much of the solution as needed. You will surely find quick relief from this flower.


Is there a way to avoid it?

The answer is yes. Studies have long reiterated that constipation is generally caused by bad eating habits. Thus, you can very well get away from being constipated by monitoring your dietary intake. Doctors also advise that the intake of water also plays a role in constipation. People who are suffering from constipation usually have very little water intake. To avoid the situation, always see to it that you drink lots of water everyday. You can also choose to skip on eating foods with high fat content and switch to high-fiber ones.

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