How to Live with Uncertainty?

How to Live with Uncertainty?


We all know that uncertainty is a part of life. We are aware that whatever we do to prevent the feelings of uncertainty to emerge, they are still there. Many of us try so hard to keep the status quo. Naively enough, we think it will somehow keep insecurity out there. However, the only thing we can be sure about life is its fluctuation and uncertainty. No matter how hard we try to hold our job that we do not like or prevent our relationship to break, it could not prevent unexpected things to happen. Even if we manage to keep the status quo for some time, we will not feel great. We rather feel powerless and shrink. According to business experts, it certainly is not a technique that makes us successful. Namely, successful people are people who have developed a so-called growth mindset. The growth mindset stands opposite to a fixed mindset that presumes that we have inherited a static character and traits and we could not change them. In this way, people who think like that prevent them from learning new things, developing new habits, and undertaking new actions. With fixed mindset, people tend to keep the status quo, because they do not believe they could not change, develop and learn new skills to cope with the uncertainty of life. To find out more about how to live with uncertainty and why it is so important, the article “6 Ways to Master Entrepreneurial Uncertainty” gives us the following explanation.

How to Live with Uncertainty?

Certainty is a cage.

Sure, we all like that warm feeling that comes from knowing where we are and what’s coming next, but that’s not the way life is meant to be lived 24/7.

We are meant to grow and become more as people, and growth is always, always, always preceded by something novel and uncomfortable. You cannot evolve without new and challenging experiences.

You know that expression, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”? It’s true.

Uncertainty is your friend, because without it, you’ll stagnate, and you’ll begin to die a little at a time.

As we have seen, if we want to succeed, we should learn how to live with uncertainty and adopt the growth mindset. Even though it might seem scary in the beginning, the scariest thing is to stick to the status quo and lose our own power. Too much focus on safety will make us fearful and anxious in the long run. It is only when we learn to live with the uncertainty that we feel our own power and joy.

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