Hiv/Aids: Myths And Misconceptions

Hiv/Aids: Myths And Misconceptions

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In the past, people have had good reason to be afraid of “catching” diseases. Although they had many explanations about why people became ill and died, they did not know what caused a disease, or how to avoid it. Now, we have the benefit of science to provide us with answers. We now know how to prevent HIV infection. However, myths and misconception, continue to develop.

Hiv/Aids: Myths And Misconceptions

Some common myths regarding how you can get HIV are by:

  • sharing food with an infected person
  • hugging an infected person
  • an insect bite
  • being a gay or bisexual man or
  • being an IV drug user

Science has provided us with answers to these myths. HIV is not transmitted through casual contact. Even in family members where there is on-going close contact there have been no cases of non- sexual transmission. Insects are not able to transmit HIV. Finally, the highest increases in new infections are in women, heterosexuals, and teens. HIV does not discriminate as to age, sex, race, or sexual orientation.
Remember: not everyone who is HIV positive knows they are infected! HIV is passed to others by:

  • direct intimate contact with body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secretions, or semen
  • an HIV-infected mother to her baby during pregnancy
  • having sexual intercourse without a latex or plastic condom with an HIV-positive partner and
  • sharing contaminated needles

Take the time to know the facts, and share these facts with your loved ones. The spreading of HIV is completely preventable, if we all take personal responsibility.

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