High flow oxygen therapy with Hamilton Medical ventilators


Hi, I’m Kaouther Saihi, product manager at Hamilton Medical and responsible for high flow oxygen therapy in our ventilators. Today high flow oxygen therapy is widely used for the treatment of acute respiratory failurein critically ill neonates, pediatrics and adults. With high flow oxygen therapy available at standard or optional feature on almost all our ventilators,we offer an effective solution for all patient groups. You can easily switch between invasive or noninvasive and high flow oxygen therapywithout changing the device or even the breathing circuits. Only the ventilator mode and the patient interface have to be changed. You can deliver a fraction of inspired Oxygen between21% and 100% at the flow up to 60 liter per minute with the HAMILTON-G5/S1and up to 80 liter per minute with the HAMILTON-C3/C1 and HAMILTON-T1. The delivered flow is heated to 37 degrees Celsius and optimally humidified to 44 Milligram of water per literusing the HAMILTON-900 humidifier. Continuous display of plethysmogram and Spo2 values using Nihon Kohden and/or Masimo pulse oximetersallows you to monitor the oxygen administration and to minimize risk of hypoxemia and hyperoxemia. We also provide all necessary consumablessuch as both dual limb and single limb breathing sets and nasal cannula. Would you like to know more about high flow oxygen therapy with Hamilton Medical ventilators?Have a look on our website or YouTube channel or sign up for our e-learning program?

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