Healthy Snacks for Men

Healthy Snacks for Men


Fast-paced, modern rhythm does not leave a lot of space to follow and keep a good and balanced diet with healthy eating schedule. For many men, this lifestyle leads to skipping meals, the most frequently – breakfast, and making a long periods between meals. Consequently, a lot ofmen usually can find themselves exhausted at 3 o’clock, which is the exact time of day when they crave for their favorite snack, often completely unhealthy, full of carbs and saturated fats, without proteins. In this way, unhealthy snacks increase intake of so-called empty calories and lack high-quality nutrients. But, a good news is that it could be changed. There is nothing wrong with snacks; they have shown us, in fact, a good way to fuel the body with energy when the organism needs it the most. Eating healthy snacks even decreases ravenous eating within a lunch, which is a common consequence of large periods without food between the meals, and often make men overeating. The article “Nine High-Protein Snacks for Men on the Go” gives us some ideas on high-quality snacks that can meet our needs for proteins.

Healthy Snacks for Men

Beef jerky
1. Believe it or not, this old classic is actually a healthy choice. On average, one ounce contains about 70 calories and one gram of fat, but delivers 11 grams of protein. However, the brands sold in convenience stores are often high in salt. If you’d like beef jerky to be one of your high-protein snack options, look for healthier versions in health food stores.

2. Egg whites
One egg white has only 15 calories, is fat — and-cholesterol-free and contains four grams of protein. Throw two or three in a pan (with some peppers and onions if you want to make an omelette) for a quick, nutritious mini-meal.

3. Cottage cheese and fruit
A half cup of 2 per cent cottage cheese contains on average 16 grams of protein, yet only has 102 calories and two grams of fat (as opposed to other types of cheese, which can be extremely high in fat). If high protein isn’t your ideal goal, then mix it with some fresh fruit for a fast, healthy snack.

4. Tuna
Tuna is a great source of protein with approximately 25 grams per can. Plus, one can of tuna in water contains approximately 111 calories and is fat-free. And hey, go easy on the mayonnaise if you’re making a sandwich — it’s full of fat.

5. Protein bars
Although there are hundreds of varieties on the market, keep in mind that all protein bars are not created equal. Obviously, protein bars should be a high-protein snack, but be careful and avoid bars that are high in carbohydrates and fat. A good choice is DESIGNER WHEY Protein Bars: each 75-gram bar contains a full 30 grams of protein, with only six grams of carbs and five grams of fat.

According to nutritionists, eating healthy snacks helps muscles grow and strengthen. Without the proper nutrients and frequent meals, the human’s body does not have enough energy to function optimally and effectively. Men, who skip meals, often feel exhausted and are prone to illnesses and infections. Instead of eating two or three large meals, it could be much better to make a break for a healthy snack. The perfect time for a snack is about three or four hours after the main meal. The wise solution to ensure eating a healthy snack could be preparing it the evening before the working day. In this way, a man can maintain a good and healthy diet plan without the temptation to reach out for a snack in the form of junk food.

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