Harmful Ingredients In Your Shaving Cream

Harmful Ingredients In Your Shaving Cream

Image courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Suat Eman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you ever take a look at what ingredients are included in your shaving cream?

We are sure you did not. Even if you did, there is a pretty good possibility that you do not actually know much about what is written there. A shaving cream is one of those products that all men use and that nobody really knows much about. You should so easily learn all that you can about them as your skin can be negatively affected without you even knowing about it.


The Common Shaving Cream Recipe

One thing that is a shocker for most men is that the standard shaving cream recipe consists of around 80% water. The other ingredients will lather the face and bind lather ingredients in water so that the cream can actually be propelled out of the product can. The problem is that many of the ingredients included in the shaving creams are pretty bad for the man’s skin. Be extremely careful with the ones that we will mention below.

toxic chemicals

Stay Away From These!

  • Propolene Glycol – This is a humectant substance that is similar to glycerin. Avoid it as it is one of the ingredients you find in brake fluid and antifreeze.
  • TEA (triethanolamine) – This emulsifying agent will keep water and oil from separating. The problem is that it is controversial since it is a well known skin irritant and can also include nitrosamines. These were linked to cancer so you have to avoid them at all costs.
  • SLS (sodium lauryl suplhate) – This ingredient can make a really good lather but various health implications can appear. The same can be said about SLES (sodium laureth sulphate). You should be aware of the fact that lauryl actually mimics estrogen. It is highly problematic if a woman uses the shaving cream but there is also an inclusion of dioxane, which is a really well known carcinogen.

Moisturizer Ingredients Can Also Be Harmful

Modern shaving creams also help a lot in moisturizing the skin. Various oils are used but one that is common is mineral oil. No man out there wants this on the face. You should be aware that mineral oil stands out as a petroleum byproduct. When it reaches the skin, moisture will be locked in. Pores can be blocked and that is highly problematic. Make sure that you always use only a shaving cream that has oils derived from plants. In addition, always avoid the formula that includes fragrance oils and synthetic colors.


Google What You Do Not Know!

This is basically the best tip that anyone can offer. Whenever you see an ingredient that you know nothing about, do not buy the product. Simply use a major search engine like Google in order to learn more about it. If you see that it is dangerous for your skin, look for something that is not. Such a cautious approach can help you since manufacturers do not actually care about you as much as you may believe.

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