What Foods Reduce Bloating?

What Foods Reduce Bloating?

Image courtesy of OZphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of OZphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Bloating appears as a result of poor eating habits, a lot of processed food in a diet, and the bad mix of foods. While certain foods can make us feel swollen after eating, some foods actually reduce bloating. According to experts, poor eating habits can also induce bloating of our belly. The first thing they believe we should take care of is chewing. According to them, chewing is the first and the most important step in food digestion. They recommend making at least 20 chews per one bite. It ensures that all the enzymes will take part in chewing process and begin the dissolution of foods. Not only that slow chewing helps in digestion, but it also makes us feel full with smaller quantities. Moreover, it helps us enjoy the food thoroughly. All of that eliminates an unpleasant sensation as the foods get stuck in a stomach. Another reason that contributes to stomach bloating is processed food. Namely, processed foods contain a lot of additives, trans-fats, sugar and artificial amplifiers of taste. Some experts even claim that our body reacts to processed foods by treating them as an infection. Thus, the result of frequent consumption of processed foods can be inflammation processes or autoimmune disease. The truth is that our body loses its ability to digest food easily and effectively with age. Namely, with age, our stomach produces less and less acid that is necessary for good digestion. To improve this situation, we need to pay attention to out gut flora. Taking enough fermented foods and good probiotics can help. To learn more about what foods reduce bloating, the article “8 Foods to Eat Tonight to De-Bloat by Tomorrow” gives us the following list.

What Foods Reduce Bloating?









Generally speaking, flatulence often appears when we eat foods rich in fiber, fructose, and sugar. Dairy products, except yogurt, belong to foods that cause bloating. To reduce bloating and keep it at a minimum, experts suggest eating more natural food and have a diverse menu.

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