Eye Health- Hyperopia and Myopia

Image courtesy of ponsulak at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of ponsulak at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Our eyes are one of our most important senses. Even the most fortunate people with a perfect 20/20 vision should still take good care of their eye health to achieve the full benefits of eyesight through out your lifetime.


There are a lot of eye health methods you can abide by and the best advice that you can get is to get regular checkups with your doctor. This will let you monitor the status of your eyes. Even though you do not feel any problems or degradation in your ocular abilities, that doesn’t mean that you are immune to eye illnesses and vision depreciation.


If you are already experiencing poor vision or any eye related discomfort then you should really visit a doctor. If the doctor discerns that the discomfort is rooted from an eye problem, he will most likely refer you to an eye specialist.


Eye specialists or ophthalmologists are medical professionals that specialize in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of eye related diseases. There is another type of eye specialists called optometrists. They can perform all actions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems with the exception to the ones that involve surgeries by which only ophthalmologists are allowed to perform.


Medical experts say that it is best to get your eyes checked at least once in every two years so that you can detect if there are looming problems with your eyes. If your family has a history of eye diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts, you should have more frequent checkups.


Not everyone knows what the real cause of common vision problems is. To some it is by the frequent exposure to light or radiation. Others attribute it to the lack of nutrients. These causes may contribute to the degradation of one’s eyesight, but one of the most overlooked reasons is the shape of the eyes.


The shape of the eyes is very crucial in the quality of a person’s vision. People with a perfect 20/20 vision have perfectly round eye lenses. Below are two of the most common eye discomforts.




Hyperopia is most commonly known as farsightedness. When a person has hyperopia, his eyes have a hard time to focus on things that are close to them. This is because their eyes are somewhat short from the front and the back. People with hyperopia tend to have blur vision when looking at things in close up. Most humans are naturally born nearsighted, and this changes as their eyes extend when they grow. If the body is unable to do this change, they grow up as farsighted adults. Majority of them outgrow this condition but for those who did not, they will need eye glasses to correct their vision.




Myopia on the other hand is nearsightedness, is one of the most common problems teens have with their eyes. When a person has myopia, he is unable to focus on objects from far away. This is because their eyes are a little longer than normal. Like hyperopia, this can be corrected with the use of eyeglasses.


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