Eye- Health: Computer Vision Syndrome


For years, computer vision syndrome has been an eye-health problem that has troubled a lot of employees in thousands of business establishments worldwide. This is most probably because more employees spend longer hours in front of their computers nowadays. With every passing day, their vision degrades because of CVS because their eyes are overexposed to their monitors.


What Really is Computer Vision Syndrome?


Computer Vision Syndrome is actually an eye strain that results from the overexposure of the eyes to the computer monitor. And with the rise of more people who are using computers, this kind of eye-strain has been considered as one of the most common major office-related health complications. Studies have shown that eye strain due to office work occurs in 50-90% of computer office workers.


This kind of condition can lead to physical fatigue, a dramatic decrease in productivity and a rise in work-related errors.


Before trying anything else it is always best to know your current status. You should go under an in-depth eye test so that you may have an idea of your condition. We all know that we can’t treat a sickness unless we know what it is. In this case, we cannot find the right treatment if we do not know what is wrong with our vision. This is why it is very important to have regular checkups with your ophthalmologist.


Once you get the big picture, your ophthalmologist will administer the necessary medical action. He may even give you an option to undergo surgery or wear corrective glasses.


Here are few tips you can follow to alleviate the symptoms of computer vision syndrome:


Using proper lighting


Oftentimes, eye strain is caused by excessive lighting, be it from the light outside or the light that we use indoors. Be sure to use moderately bright lighting to avoid the possibility of hurting your eyes.


When you are in front of your computer, it is advisable that you use ambient lighting that is mild and not stressing to your eyes. You can do this by minimizing your interior lighting and using light bulbs with lower intensity. You should also shield your eyes from exterior light sources by setting up window shades or blinds or by just applying tint to your windows.


Use LCD monitors


CRT or cathode ray tube monitors are the old bulky monitors that you may be using up to this moment. These monitors are known to harm the eyes because of the intense light it emits. Technology has done its part in providing us with a more energy efficient and more eye-health improving LCD or Liquid Crystal Display Monitors. It emits less vision degrading light and is more energy efficient as it only consumes 17% of what a typical cathode ray tube monitor uses. These monitors may cost a bit higher than your usual CRT monitors but it is evident that it would pay off in the long run.


Rest your eyes


The answer to any eye-health related stress is rest. Take breaks or take some days off. Rest your eyes so that your body can regenerate and fix your eyes naturally. The body has the ability to regenerate during sleep so be sure to have enough sleep to regain your energy and health.


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