Erectile Dysfunction: Causes & Treatments

There are many treatments believe it or
not for erectile dysfunction and manytimes we see on TV commercials that
advertised pills that can treat this problem. Believe it or not, there are also other
treatments that are availableabove and beyond all the pills. In fact
30 – 40 percent of men thattried pills might not have a good
response to such medications. And manymen might suffer from a side effect from
the actual medication itself. So for such men, I normally recommend
that there are other treatments out therelike vacuum pumps, penile injection
therapy, urethral suppositories or believe it or notminimally invasive surgery such as
penile implant procedures that can bedone for this. At Einstein we offer all
of these aspects of treatment and weeven have a referral based practice for
surrounding communities as well assurrounding states the treat patients
for these problems. Surgery for this typeof a problem itself is something that
comes with many myths and I try in myoffice to debunk the many myths that are
associated with surgery. Penile implant surgery has time-tested
large rates and high rates ofsatisfaction and many of our patients
have had an excellent outcome afterundergoing surgery and after sufferingfor years and in some cases decades from this devastating problem. Erectile dysfunction really can be a
sign that there is a blood flow problemwithin your body that’s leading to the
issue at hand. Many times I tell patients that their
numerous causes such as heart problems,vascular disease, diabetes, neurologic
conditions, trauma, the side effectscoming from medications or a combination of these factors. Age alone is not areason for a man to have difficulty with
erections and I often encourage men thatthat have erectile dysfunction to seek
the consultation of their primarymedical doctor or an erectile
dysfunction specialist to helpunderstand their reasons for having this
problem and undergo the appropriatetesting that they need to undergo in
order to help treat the condition appropriately.

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