How to Enjoy Life More?

How to Enjoy Life More?

Many of us believe that we should accomplish certain goals to be happy. For some people it can be money, professional success, or a new car, while for others, it can be a family, having a child, or marriage. Even though these goals are valuable and fulfilling, we cannot have it all. Moreover, after accomplishing one important goal, a few of us take a time to enjoy before we make another plan and set another valuable goal. In this way, we are actually continuously running around from one goal to another. We are in constant pursuit of happiness and do not have time to reflect what we have already achieved and enjoyed life. According to psychologists, happiness does not depend on outer things and accomplishments. It is rather our inner state that makes us happy or unhappy. Advocates of positive psychology believe that we need to focus our attention on three areas – pleasant life, good life and meaningful life. According to them, a majority of people are looking for a pleasant life that operates on a superficial level. Even though it is the important part of our lives, it cannot make us happy in a profound way. To be truly happy, we need to find a meaning in our actions and everyday life. But, that is possible when we are aware what skills and abilities we have and how we can contribute to the outer world with these abilities. People who live a meaningful life, have better health and cultivate a strong resistance to stress. To learn more about how to enjoy life more, the article “Six Ways to Enjoy Life More with Smarter Self-Talk” gives us the following suggestions.

How to Enjoy Life More?

1. Live Your Greatest Passion Despite Inevitable Risk

2. Get Greater Performance with Additive Thinking

3. Sidestep the Doubled-Edged Sword of Comparison

4. Drop Phrases That Sap Your Natural Strength

5. Choose Positive vs. Restrictive Self-Talk

6. Switch Your Default Settings

If we are determined to enjoy our life more, we cannot do that all at once. It is a process that may shift our values and our priorities. When we are angry or irritated by a certain situation, we may change our focus and ask ourselves – does it really matter? In this way, we will simplify our lives and stop wasting our precious time and energy on things that are not actually important. To enjoy life more, we need to cultivate certain habits such as gratefulness, compassion, and presence. And, this cultivation needs time. By taking the step-by-step approach we will gradually feel better and enjoy life more.

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