Embrace the positive effects of quitting smoking

Embrace the positive effects of quitting smoking

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Smoking cigarettes or tobacco has been the habit of a lot of individuals in the whole wide world. Although there are a lot of people that are into smoking, it does not change the fact that a lot more are dying because of smoking.

Trying to stop your self from smoking cigarettes is just the first step. You must be able to abstain entirely from lighting up a cigarette. To help you be more enlightened and motivated, here are some of the benefits you will surely enjoy after quitting from smoking cigarettes:

Sharper sense

Studies have shown that people who smoke have weak senses of smell and taste. People who refrained from smoking for a full 12 hours noticed that they can taste and smell better. Imagine having this kind of advantage forever once you have really quit from smoking.

Less expense

Admit it or not, cigarettes or tobacco are taking a large portion of your budget. Since they have been an inevitable part of your lifestyle, you surely have spent a lot of money for them. Once you have quit smoking, you would be able to use your cigarette fund for other things that you would love to have.

Temporary weight gain

People have surely noticed your drop in weight when you were smoking. Smoking takes out the oxygen from your blood thus making you look and feel unhealthy. You may be surprised to know that you gained a considerable healthy weight after weeks of not smoking a single stick.

Clearer skin

Smoking makes anyone look older. Look around for people who smoke and surely you’ll find that they have unhealthy-looking, parchment-like skin. Smoking can also cause premature wrinkles.

Lessened risk to lung diseases

Of course, quitting smoking will give you a chance of not having lung-related diseases. oweHhhOh However, this might be affected by the number and intensity of your smoking. Some people who have quit in their latter age have showed signs of having black patches in the lungs. So, you better stop smoking while you are young. Visit your doctor once you have really decided to quit smoking.

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