Do You Need A Reason To Quit Smoking

Do You Need A Reason To Quit Smoking


Learning how to quit smoking may be one of your many agendas. However, you just can’t find reason enough to quit—a feat for someone who finds smoking cigarettes a relaxing habit. You might want to know that every former cigarette smoker out there has been in your shoes. If they can do it for themselves, what is stopping you from doing it too?

If you want to be convinced, here are some points why you should quit from smoking cigarettes now:

Smoking kills.

For some, this is more than enough reason to not even touch a pack of cigarettes. But if you’re thinking that this is just an exaggeration, just imagine how many people die of lung cancer, tuberculosis and other lung-related disease. You may want to check out recent statistics on the number of deaths caused by smoking each year. Having seen them would surely make you think twice before lighting up your next stick.

Smoking can kill your loved ones.

Be it friends or family members, they can all be affected by your smoking habit. There are a lot of studies that have proven secondhand smoking has been the primary cause of lung diseases of people who have not touched a cigarette in their lives. Experts agree that the non-smokers’ exposure to cigarette smoke because the working environment or the houses they live in have cigarette smokers who are the main culprits for their lung diseases.

Smoking makes you look like a dead man walking.

Smoking takes away the oxygen from your blood, thus affecting almost all your organs in your body. The under-oxygenated blood brings unhealthy blood to your organs leading to their abnormal activities. These unexpected dysfunctions, in turn, can lead to the contraction of several ailments. Aside from this, smoking also dries the skin fast. Notice that smokers have dry and parchment-like skin. If they don’t stop smoking, it won’t be long and they would have wrinkled skin even if they are still young.

Smoking causes lung cancer.

Cancer is one of the illnesses that do not yet have a single medicine for treatment. Smoking cigarettes can trigger the existence of lung cancer. So if you do not want to have lung cancer, throw away that stick forever.

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