What Causes Acne And How To Cure It

What Causes Acne And How To Cure It

Spiritualist Teal explains what causes acne and how to cure it. On the physical level, acne is caused by two things: the first being a hormonal imbalance. Too much androgen causes your glands in your skin to produce too much sebum. But if oily skin was the cause of acne, everyone with oily skin would have acne, and they do not. But there are also emotional causes of acne which are generally overlooked by mainstream medicine. The role of the liver and toxins are also discussed in this very enlightening video.

“The recipe for acne is someone with excess sebum, but whose sebum is mixing with blood and lymph fluid toxins. This causes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and flourish. Bacteria do not cause acne. Instead, the unhealthy environment in and on your skin invites them. This is why for years and years you can try to get rid of acne and it just keeps coming back over and over and over. The host organ (your skin) has remained an unhealthy environment, which is hospitable to bacteria.

The difference between someone who has acne and someone who doesn’t is that the person who doesn’t has a liver (along with other filter organs) that is clearing their blood from any excess blood toxins and hormones.

There’s an even deeper level to acne.
But that is just the physical level of the issue.The 2 root causes of acne are:

1. Suppressed, denied or un-dealt with and unexpressed emotions (especially anger and guilt). Think of negative emotions like waste that needs to be released. When that waste is not released, when it is bottled up and denied from coming into your awareness, it is a form of toxicity that is kept in the body.

2. Disliking or rejecting yourself. Which is negative thought turned inward towards your self. That energy then collects in the body and is not released. Both of these thought patterns are what causes the body (especially the filter organs and the skin is the largest filter organ) to become clogged. The collected, suppressed and therefore clogged negative thoughts and emotions manifest as physical clogs that are a perfect vibrational match to the physical manifestation of a localized infection (which is what we call a pimple.)”

It’s amazing how the mind is generally overlooked in physical illnesses by mainstream medicine even though they have come to the conclusion that 70% of illnesses are psychosomatic in nature. However some people argue that 100% of reality is created by the mind but that is a different story. Anyway thanks Teal for a very enlightening talk on what causes acne and how to cure it.

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