Benefits of Celeriac

Benefits of Celeriac


Celeriac or celery root has many health benefits and belongs to a group of super foods. Namely, celeriac is highly rich in essential oils, vitamins, minerals and microelements. It contains vitamin K in large quantities (34% of the recommended daily dose per 100g), as well as other vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and vitamins from B-complex – niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, pantothenic acid, etc. Celeriac is particularly beneficial for its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent many forms of cancer. It shows especially effective in colon, bladder and stomach cancer. Even though scientists have still not yet confirmed its powerful effects on this illness, many people have experienced its positive influence while battling against it. Scientists are on a way to determine the link between positive effects of celery on the bloodstream. Namely, oxidative stress and inflammation can also harm our blood vessels and can cause atherosclerosis. The majority of scientific research is based on animals and shows the link between flavonoid in celeriac and reduction of the inflammation process in blood vessels. To learn more about the health benefits of celeriac, the article “Celeriac” provides us with the following list.

Benefits of Celeriac

It is high in dietary fibers, thus keeps the digestion and metabolism healthy.

Research shows that it contains anti-cancer agents.

It also protects the body from colon cancer cells.

This vegetable immunes the body against acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The high vitamin content in it improves immunity against common cold and cough.

The vitamin K content enhances bone mass by increasing osteotrophic activities in the bones.

Celeriac is suggested in regular diet of Alzheimer’s disease patients to keep from brain damage.

The phosphorus content in this root vegetable is good for bones and teeth.

The nutrients are also good for cell metabolism.

The vegetable protects against anemia.

It restores immunity and should be included in regular diet while recovering from ailment.

Health benefits of celeriac are huge regarding the digestive system. Medical experts believe that these beneficial influences come from the substances called pectin-based polysaccharides. They perform studies that show a lower risk of gastric ulcer, better metabolism of stomach fluids and decreasing of inflammation. Celery root is rich in essential minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, copper, and calcium. It affects our teeth, bones and immunity in a positive way. Despite its positive effects and health benefits, medical experts warn us not to take too much of it if we are too sensitive. They also do not recommend celeriac to pregnant women because it can cause photo toxicity. Persons who use some medicine should consult their doctors to remove any doubt they could have about celeriac and its benefits.

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