How to Beat Spring Fatigue?

How to Beat Spring Fatigue?

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Each year, all of us experience spring fatigue to a certain degree. Many of us feel tired, sleepy, or dizzy. Even though the reason for this has not been scientifically proved yet, medical experts suggest that the lack of energy appears due to seasonal changes. Namely, within changing the season, our body needs time to adjust to differences in temperature, daylight and atmospheric pressure. Our hormones go through the imbalance. In winter months, our body needs melatonin, the “sleep hormone”, necessary to regulate our sleep cycles. Because of the decrease in daylight, we need more melatonin than usual. Furthermore, our level of serotonin, better known as “happiness hormone”, becomes pretty exhausted, because daylight affects its production. Therefore, when spring comes, our body has a lot of melatonin and low deposits of serotonin. We need time and energy to adjust our hormone levels. And the spring is the wonderful season that reminds us that we are biological beings and part of nature. To help us beat spring fatigue, the article “Beat Fatigue the Ayurvedic Way” describes the way to overcome it from the Ayurvedic perspective.

How to Beat Spring Fatigue?

Ayurveda believes strongly that the strength of your digestive fire makes all the difference in how well you are able to convert food into energy and into healthy tissues. To support your digestive fire, eat warm, cooked foods that are natural to the season. Add digestive spices such as cumin, mustard seed, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. And avoid raw, dry foods and iced drinks. Traditional Ayurvedic herbs can also help support your energy levels if they are on the low side. Ashwagandha can be particularly good if you are feeling tired. It is said to support your body when you are facing high stress levels, and it can encourage a healthy sleeping pattern.

Spring fatigue does not appear as a result of a lack of sleep. It is neither an illness. As we have seen, it appears as a direct consequence of seasonal changes. This type of exhaustion can be alleviated with a proper diet, regular exercise, and relaxation technique. Eating fresh vegetables and drinking a lot of fresh juices can be a good way to beat spring fatigue. Experts recommend eating light meals four or five times a day. Spending time outdoors is also one of the greatest ways to overcome tiredness. Deep breathing will increase the amount of oxygen that the body needs the most of this period. Foods rich in vitamin C, B and iron can be highly useful in assisting a body to cope with the changes. Although we can do many things to feel better, experts highly recommend to slow down and take a nap when necessary. We can be amazed what only 30 minutes of nap can do with our mood and energy level.

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