Alternative Treatment Options For Kidney Disease

Alternative treatment options for Kidney disease.

Alternative medicine is the new “in” thing in the world of medicine and its benefits have been the reason for its undeniable popularity. Alternative medicines give a ray of hope to people with end stage chronic kidney disease and on dialysis to improve their health without a trip to the hospital multiple times a week.

However, it has to be noted that alternative medicine is much more efficient when used long term for prevention of worsening of the disease. In acute cases conventional therapies are still the first ones to be considered.

Like conventional therapies, alternative therapy options also start with rest and diet modifications. However, in this case the diet isn’t modified to cut down on the burden on the kidneys. The diet modifications in alternative treatment are about having foods that will improve the kidney function, and reducing foods that will harm it.

Foods like garlic, corn silk, berries, celery, cucumbers, bananas, juniper and watermelon are known to improve kidney function. Chocolate, caffeine and dairy products are not advised as these foods are known to worsen the condition.

The diets in alternative therapies are designed in such a way that the portions of foods improving kidney function are increased and those that worsen are kept on the minimum if not completely eliminated.

This diet is then combined with multivitamins that allow the body and the kidney to use all available resources for improvement in the kidney function. Multivitamins and minerals also make it easier for the food to get absorbed. Vitamins aid in healing and improving acidity of the urine by increasing it.

Pharmacists have created an excellent treatment from nature that serves the purpose of dialysis at end stage kidney disease. The medicine is a probiotic that has organisms to consume excess urea and nitrogenous wastes from the blood saving the body from multi organ failure.

This medicine greatly reduces the burden from the kidneys by efficiently purifying it. Since such therapies promise great results without any side effects, people have started following the trend of alternative/ herbal medicine.

Homeopathic medicines with ionized water and Chinese herbs like ginseng and black seed have also gained popularity for renal disease. There are extensive trials going on to find the efficacy of these herbs. At the moment there are no significant results to suggest the success of these herbs in the disease.

While alternative medicine seems hopeful, it can’t be solely used to treat kidney disease. Alternative treatment could be combined with conventional methods to get the best results out.

Studies have shown better improvement in people where natural treatment was combined with the conventional treatment plan. With the breakthrough of probiotics, artificial substitution of the kidney will be far more effective with fewer trips to the hospital.

There is no harm in trying these alternative therapies. If you have a kidney dysfunction, contact your doctor for alternative treatment options for kidney disease today.

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