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Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise

Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise Researchers have concluded that 6 seconds bursts of exercise can radically improve the health of elderly people.  High Intensity Training (HIT) has attracted a lot of attention for promising some of the same benefits as conventional exercise but in a much shorter time. Please check out our post:-  

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Elect Cigs

Elect Cigs Electronic cigarettes may be the answer to quitting smoking and this is backed up by a recent article which points out that they are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Arguably, smoking an e-cigarette is not really smoking at all, since you’re inhaling not actual smoke, but instead a vapour from a relatively harmless vegetable product such as propylene glycol. Elect Cigs The article admits however that:  “The industry has yet to produce results of large-scale randomized human studies to back their claims.”, and that: “When citing examples of how electronic cigarettes have helped people quit tobacco smoking, the industry uses anecdotal evidence, usually citing well known individuals, rather than statistically convincing data.” The article goes on to explain the way e-cigarettes work:  “E-cigarettes, or vapor cigarettes, work by superheating a cartridge that gives the smoker a dose of nicotine in the form of water vapor. This vapor can be flavored with cherry, chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, and menthol. The body absorbs the nicotine and then exhales this water vapor, which the industry claims leaves no harm to the person or its surroundings. Sellers of e-cigarettes say the water vapor has no chemicals or carcinogens (cancer causing substances)...

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Seven Very Effective Exercises

Seven Very Effective Exercises Here it is! The miracle cure we’ve all been searching for. This miracle cure and preventative can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and furthermore it can lower your risk of premature death by up to 30%.  In addition it’s free, easy to take, has an immediate effect and you don’t need a Doctor to give you a prescription. What is it?? Exercise! Here are seven exercises that can really deliver results. However if you are new to exercise, are over 40 or have an existing medical condition, check with your Doctor before starting any new exercise programme. “No. 1: Walking Why it’s a winner: you can walk anywhere, anytime, either on a treadmill or with no equipment other than a good pair of shoes. How to: beginners should start by walking five to 10 minutes at a time, gradually moving up to at least 30 minutes per session. As you progress, lengthen the time of your walks before increasing your speed or incline. No. 2: Interval training Why it’s a winner: adding interval training to your cardio workout can boost fitness, burn more calories and help...

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How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer

How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer It can be quite devastating to have a man be given the news of breast cancer but there are ways to deal with male breast cancer today. The advanced technologies of this era bring on amazing effective means against male breast cancer besides the increasing amount of information concerning this health condition.   Breast cancer is not a woman’s disease alone with confirmed research and studies revealing its ugly truth; men can get breast cancer too. Men who are diagnosed with breast cancer can be more devastated with the news than afflicted women as the possibility of contracting this disease is thought to be confined with the fairer gender. Imagine that you are a male, sitting in a radiology waiting room. You just had a mammogram and a fine needle biopsy on your breast tissue. In your hands rests a pink pamphlet about breast cancer that prominently displays a woman checking her breasts. Surrounding you are women’s puzzled and surprised expressions at seeing you in a bright colored pink Jonny that doesn’t quite fit your frame. Someone calls out your name and as you enter the consultation room, you hear the words,...


Stress in Men

Stress in Men: Taking another look at some coping mechanisms There is no debate about whether men versus women deal with their stress in different ways.  Each gender has some peculiar ways of coping although it cannot be altogether be discredited that many coping mechanisms are shared by both sexes. To illustrate “peculiar ways”, take this BBC news report stating that stressed men prefer heavier women: “When placed under stressful situations, men rate larger women as more attractive, new research has shown.” Is it a coping mechanism or the effect of stress?  When we talk of coping mechanisms, we deal with some scheme that a person adopts in order to survive his current issues. The question here is whether men prefer women because the choice comes with a particular relief or solution to their stress or do they take this preference because their taste changed after undergoing stressful condition?  In short – is it the perceived way of exiting the situation or an effect? The researchers who conducted this particular research conclude that after undergoing stress-provoking situations, judgment and preferences are altered.  So, it means it is the effect of the stress. In the same BBC article, readers will not...


Harmful Ingredients In Your Shaving Cream

Harmful Ingredients In Your Shaving Cream Did you ever take a look at what ingredients are included in your shaving cream? We are sure you did not. Even if you did, there is a pretty good possibility that you do not actually know much about what is written there. A shaving cream is one of those products that all men use and that nobody really knows much about. You should so easily learn all that you can about them as your skin can be negatively affected without you even knowing about it. The Common Shaving Cream Recipe One thing that is a shocker for most men is that the standard shaving cream recipe consists of around 80% water. The other ingredients will lather the face and bind lather ingredients in water so that the cream can actually be propelled out of the product can. The problem is that many of the ingredients included in the shaving creams are pretty bad for the man’s skin. Be extremely careful with the ones that we will mention below. Stay Away From These! Propolene Glycol – This is a humectant substance that is similar to glycerin. Avoid it as it is one of the...

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What Are The Common Infertility Causes For Men?

What Are The Common Infertility Causes For Men? Statistics show us that around 10% of all US couples have problems getting pregnant. In 30% of cases it is the man that has a fertility problem. 30% of cases show women fertility problems and the rest are made out of multiple factors or unexplained causes. In the event you’ve been having unprotected sex for over one year and you cannot conceive, it is a really good idea to go to fertility doctor. That is because there is a pretty good chance that there is a problem. Fortunately, most can be treated. When referring to men, the urologist can identify the fertility problems, recommend various treatment options and help the couple in deciding what is best for them. Let’s go through the common infertility causes so that you know what you may be faced with. Information is really important for all men that cannot have a baby. What Are The Common Infertility Causes For Men? Lifestyle Factors You need to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to improve fertility. The risks that are associated with infertility include: drug use smoking drinking too much alcohol anabolic steroids use certain medications having a really...