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How Does Homeopathy Treat Influenza?

How Does Homeopathy Treat Influenza? Homeopathy belongs to holistic medicine, a type of medicine that treats humans as the complex systems of emotions, needs, psychological characteristics, physical traits and energy. It treats human as a whole. Unlike conventional medicine that has no cure for influenza, homeopathy offers natural remedies that act preventively and provide an effective cure when someone catches the flu. Not only that homeopathy takes a whole picture when trying to find a solution to illness, but it […]

Homeopathic Remedies Against Flu

Homeopathic Remedies Against Flu Homeopathy and conventional medicine have opposite approaches toward viral and bacterial infections. Namely, conventional medicine treats bacteria, because it considers them the main cause of bacterial infections. Medicine even does not have drug against the flu. It only knows antibiotics that are widely prescribed during the winter season, but do not know any medicine that can fight against flu. On the other hand, homeopathy does not think regarding single causes like a bacterium or virus. It […]