Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise

Six Seconds Bursts of Exercise Researchers have concluded that 6 seconds bursts of exercise can radically improve the health of elderly people.  High Intensity Training (HIT) has attracted a lot of attention for promising some of the same benefits as conventional exercise but in a much shorter time. Please check out our post:-  

Elect Cigs

Elect Cigs Electronic cigarettes may be the answer to quitting smoking and this is backed up by a recent article which points out that they are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Arguably, smoking an e-cigarette is not really smoking at all, since you’re inhaling not actual smoke, but instead a vapour from a relatively harmless vegetable product such as propylene glycol. Elect Cigs The article admits however that:  “The industry has yet to produce results of large-scale randomized […]

Resilience: How to Better Cope with Stress

Resilience: How to Better Cope with Stress In our modern world, we all encounter a significant amount of stress on an everyday level. It becomes harder when other life difficulties and personal crises join this level of stress. Many of us go through challenging situations, but our answers to those challenges significantly differ. Some of us can cope better with stress while others feel overwhelmed and hopeless. According to psychologists, people who better cope with stress have developed resiliency during […]

Why Is Joint Mobility so Important?

Why Is Joint Mobility so Important? While exercising, many men focus on building their biceps and triceps, gaining six-packs, and increasing generally muscle mass. They put too little attention on joint mobility. Even though well-shaped body looks attractive and sexy, our joints can add or reduce the attractiveness of our body. Namely, neglected joints will make our body tight and rigid, which is far away from the sexy look. Furthermore, inflexible joints can result in frequent injuries and pain. No […]

Quinoa: Use and Benefits

Quinoa: Use and Benefits Quinoa is a traditional food of the Incas, which has recently become popular in our modern culture. The Incas have considered quinoa the healthiest food among grains. They even name it as a “mother of all grains”. One of the reasons that make quinoa the healthiest grain is its protein content. One cup of quinoa has 8 grams of protein, which is twice as much as the quantity of protein in other grains. Quinoa is not […]

Sesame Seeds: Use and Benefits

Sesame Seeds: Use and Benefits Sesame seeds originate from sesame plants that mainly grow in Asian countries, especially in Burma, India, and China. This miracle food is available as seeds, oil, and butter. Its medical properties have been known in Ayurveda for centuries. What we know today is that sesame belongs to the healthiest foods. Sesame is rich in phytosterols, compounds that block a production of bad cholesterol or LDL and increase HDL or good cholesterol. Quantity of phytosterol in […]

The Importance of Regular Blood Pressure Checking

The Importance of Regular Blood Pressure Checking High blood pressure is known as “silent killer”. A difficulty with high pressure lies in a fact that it can easily go unnoticed. There are no symptoms that could warn us that something happens in our blood vessels. According to statistics, almost a third of adult people do not know that their blood pressure is highly elevated. Thus, many people with high pressure are completely unaware of it, until they get frequent headaches […]