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Vitamin D: are you getting enough?

It’s called the sunshine vitamin for a reason. Our bodies synthesize vitamin D from sun exposure during the summer months. But because of our northern latitude, and the potential health risks of sun exposure,...


Vitamin D dose

Velkommen til denne videoen. I tidligere videoer har vi sett på vitamin Dog hvordan folk som har mangel av vitamin Dkan ha redusert immunitetOg jeg får mange mange spørsmål om dosering av vitamin-D. for...


How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone. Fightthe hormonal drop that occurs as you age withthe following testosterone-boosting tips. You will need Zinc-rich diet Organic meatand produce Reduced body fat Sleep Relaxationtechniques Loose-fitting clothes Sex VitaminsA,...


Can Keto Help Boost Testosterone?

– Testosterone and the ketogenic dietare a lot more closely relatedthan people seem to think. See it all comes down to thegood old foundation of cholesterol. And whether you like it or not,cholesterol is...