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Effects of Selenium on Our Health

Effects of Selenium on Our Health Selenium is one of the trace minerals necessary for our body to function properly. Although we need selenium in small quantities, its deficiency can lead to some health issues, especially when it comes to our heart health, immunity, joints, and reproductive health. Our body cannot produce selenium, so we have to include it in our diet. However, scientific studies have shown that larger quantities of selenium could be toxic. Thus, nutritionists suggest taking selenium […]

Prevention of the Restless Legs Syndrome

Prevention of the Restless Legs Syndrome The restless legs syndrome (RLS) has been recognized as a medical disorder in the 17 century and was described by Sir Thomas Willis, an English physician, for the first time. In 1945, this disorder has been explored and described in more detail by Swedish neurologist, Dr. Karl-Axel Ekborn. However, only in recent time, maybe because of our modern lifestyle and its by-product – stress, this syndrome gets more attention. The four traits are usually […]

How Does Magnesium Influence Our Health

How Does Magnesium Influence Our Health Magnesium is one of the essential minerals in our body. It provides more than 300 biochemical reactions in our organism to work well, thus supporting our muscles, nerves, immune systems, heart and bones to perform optimally their daily activities. Furthermore, hundreds of studies prove that magnesium can prevent many diseases and ill bodily functions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, diabetes etc. Magnesium is, also, responsible for proper consumption of other […]

Some Important Nutrients for Men

Some Important Nutrients for Men Men who are interested in living as long as possible and maintaining good energy levels need vitamins and they can get these viramins from their food or through supplements. While all vitamins benefit men, there are specific vitamins for men that often boost their health greatly. If you are lacking in certain vitamins as a man, there are negative consequences such as harm to your immune system, development of skin conditions and even digestive or […]

What is a Super Food

“What is a Super Food” “What is a Super Food ?” Slimming down, toning up and keeping healthy is a common goal among men, especially when bringing in the New Year. But it takes more than just working out to get the desired body. Nutrition plays a critical role in this process and recently many men are turning towards “super food” to help them along the way. First, what is a super food ? Currently there is no official medical definition. […]

The Sunshine Vitamin And It’s Benefits – Vitamin D

The Sunshine Vitamin And It’s Benefits – Vitamin D Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because vitamin D is made in the skin when the skin reacts to ultra violet light from the Sun. Research in the USA shows that almost 10% of children are deficient in Vitamin D and over 60% have insufficient Vitamin D levels. This is shocking news because there is probably the same levels of deficiency in adults and this level of deficiency is probably […]

Vitamin E Helps Prevent Liver Cancer

vitamin e helps prevent liver cancer

Vitamin E helps Prevent Liver Cancer A report on a Chinese study here claims that vitamin E helps prevent liver cancer. Liver cancer is a serious and deadly disease, whether primary, or secondary as a result of spread from other places in the body such as the colon. The article states that: “The study led by W. Zhang of State Key Laboratory of Oncogene and Related Genes in Shanghai, China and colleagues showed that intake of vitamin E regardless its […]

Vitmain D Is Good For Hair Loss

Experiments have recently shown that vitamin D is good for hair loss. Premature hair loss affects many men and also women. The current treatments include hair transplants which can cost many thousands of dollars and new drugs such as minoxidal. The drugs however have side effects such as loss of sex drive. So the irony is you want to look better and have a full head of hair but in achieving that you perhaps lose your drive for wanting it […]