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When Is It the Right Time to Make a Change?

When Is It the Right Time to Make a Change? Many of us do not like changes. Sometimes, when we think it is the right time to make a change, our fears of the unknown prevent us from taking a new direction. According to psychologists, we just like predictability and our limbic brain is overly concerned whether we feel safe or not. Therefore, if we need to make a change, we need to be ready to face our fears. For […]

How to Live with Uncertainty?

How to Live with Uncertainty? We all know that uncertainty is a part of life. We are aware that whatever we do to prevent the feelings of uncertainty to emerge, they are still there. Many of us try so hard to keep the status quo. Naively enough, we think it will somehow keep insecurity out there. However, the only thing we can be sure about life is its fluctuation and uncertainty. No matter how hard we try to hold our […]

How Can Managing Emotions Improve Our Health?

How Can Managing Emotions Improve Our Health? Emotions are a powerful navigation system that helps us find direction in our life. They manage our behavior from an unconscious level. People who can manage emotions have better relationships, are socially comfortable and have better health. Managing emotions is a skill that can be learned. It is part of our emotional intelligence. There are many studies that show the importance of emotional intelligence in our life, and how it affects our ability […]

Is It Better to Plan Our Life Beforehand or Go with the Flow?

Is It Better to Plan Our Life Beforehand or Go with the Flow? Life is unpredictable. This is the common excuse of many people who do not like to plan their lives. They always opt for the easy option and go with the flow. Actually, they choose the path of least resistance. However, many of them end up with the life which does not reflect their chosen path. Even though we cannot predict what will happen to us in the […]

How to Get Unstuck and out of a Rut?

How to Get Unstuck and out of a Rut? Many times we find ourselves stuck in a rut and lack joy and passion in our daily activities. To avoid uncomfortable feelings that go hand in hand with being stuck, we try to push ourselves and make a change. Often, we are not quite certain about a change, but we will do anything to get unstuck. We try to manipulate things on a surface. We try harder and harder to make […]

How to Get More Things Done in Less Time?

How to Get More Things Done in Less Time? Many of us are struggling continuously to be more productive and more effective. If we mean by productive get more things done in less time, than many of us go in the wrong direction. Namely, when we are faced with a bunch of tasks, big projects, and so many responsibilities, we tend to work harder and for longer hours. And, that approach is completely opposite of productivity. Moreover, we often try […]

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure? Stress and pressure become a necessary part of our modern life. They both can be external and internal. While many people believe that it is hard to stay calm under pressure, experts do not agree. They think we can choose our reaction and minimize stress. Some of them suggest at least counting to ten when we face acute stress. Furthermore, they advise us to change our perception and focus on the big picture. Being […]

Health Benefits of Minimalism

Health Benefits of Minimalism In our modern world, many of us believe that having more is a key to happiness. However, the latest researches have shown that this belief is far away from the truth. The better solution to happy life is to be content with less or live a minimalistic lifestyle. Moreover, recent studies have revealed impressive health benefits of minimalism. One of the greatest benefits is less stress. Namely, clutter in our homes makes us overstimulated and anxious. […]

How to Stop Self-Sabotage

How to Stop Self-Sabotage Self-sabotage behavior is not easy to spot. Often, we speak about our goals and do whatever we can on the surface, when suddenly we do something wrong or continuously undermine our goal with bad habits or bad behavior. Because we sabotage ourselves unconsciously, it is not easy to stop the behavior. Experts believe that the very first step is to recognize what we are doing. When we make excuses and try to approve our failings, we […]