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Reflexology’s efficiency

Reflexology’s efficiency Reflexology is a certain type of alternative treatment that many people choose to undergo in order to help them to feel better from suffering from many different symptoms. It is quite unique in terms of its methodology; reflexology is often performed by a practitioner who massages certain areas of the feet and the hands in the hopes that a different part of the body will be affected. Reflexology charts are used in order to determine which areas of […]

Reflexology for Diverticulitis

Reflexology for Diverticulitis Diverticulitis is a condition in which diverticula are perforated, infected and inflamed.  Diverticula are pea or grape sized protrusions in the intestinal wall.  What causes this disease, like most others, is unknown.  However, it is known that smoking, a poor diet and stress worsen symptoms.  It is a condition that often goes undetected for many years, as most people pass the symptoms off as indigestion.  It usually develops somewhere between the ages of fifty and eighty, after […]

Establishing Your Business in Reflexology

Establishing Your Business in Reflexology Like any endeavor, building a business takes time.  Moreover, it can be a bumpy road.  However, in a growing field such as reflexology, you definitely have time on your side.  Reflexology has certainly found its place in the world of complimentary medicine.  Like no other time in history, people are diligently seeking alternative medical treatments.  So, how do you get a piece of this pie?  Check out the tips outlined below. Establishing Your Business in […]

Reflexology terms

Reflexology terms Reflexology is a type of complementary therapy technique that can be useful when it comes to treating a range of symptoms from pain management problems to diabetic issues. Not many people know very much about the treatment, however, so in this article, we’ll be giving you a run-down of some of the basic terminology that you should familiarize yourself with in order to fully understand reflexology. Reflexology terms Zone therapy – this is one of the basic tenets […]

Get Control of your Pain with Massage

Get Control of your Pain with Massage There are many kinds of massage techniques that can help you control and alleviate pain in the body.  To me, all of which are better options than drugs and surgery. Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic muscular tension.  It is applied with greater pressure and on deeper muscles than classic Swedish massage and generally focuses on one problem area. Esalen Massage This massage technique is meant to bring […]

Reflexology Statistics

Reflexology Statistics With all of the different types of alternative medical treatments that are out there, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are some types of alternative treatments that can easily be dismissed as pseudoscience, with no real positive effect on the human body. Other types of treatments, however, may seem outlandish when compared to the techniques used in western medicine, but in all actuality can be very helpful when it comes to helping […]

Getting to Know Those Who Practice Reflexology

Those who practice reflexology professionally are known as therapists, or reflexologists. They prefer to treat the patient instead of the disease. They do need to have sound background knowledge of the human anatomy and the physiology of the most common of diseases and disorders. A good therapist has the ability to have empathy for the client and to be able to see the needs of the client. Therapists also need to possess good communication skills for dealing with the public […]

Reflexology for Memory Loss

Reflexology for Memory Loss There are many reasons for memory loss.  One of the primary reasons is an insufficient supply of necessary nutrients to the brain, especially the B vitamins and amino acids.  In addition, the brain depends on substances called neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that act like electrical switches in the brain and throughout the nervous system.  If the brain does not have an adequate supply of neurotransmitters or essential nutrients it need to make them, your brains […]

Improving Kidney Function with Reflexology

Improving Kidney Function with Reflexology The kidneys are one of the four organs in our body responsible for eliminating waste products and built up toxins.   When kidney stones, heavy metal build up, and solvents get into our bodies they compromise our kidneys.  As do things like pesticides and aflatoxins.  One of the most beneficial things we can do to prevent renal failure is a thorough body cleanse.  Symptoms of kidney problems include abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, chills, fever, […]