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How to Prevent Kidney Disease Naturally?

How to Prevent Kidney Disease Naturally? Kidney disease appears gradually and is hard to detect. According to medical experts, many people become aware of the disease when it is too late. Kidney disease does not show the symptoms until the kidneys almost completely deteriorate. For that reason, experts advise us to look for certain indicators that could point to kidney disease. Some of them are urinary problems, muscle cramps, confusion, sleeping problems, nausea, swelling of the joints and under the […]

Alternative Treatment Options For Kidney Disease

Alternative treatment options for Kidney disease. Alternative medicine is the new “in” thing in the world of medicine and its benefits have been the reason for its undeniable popularity. Alternative medicines give a ray of hope to people with end stage chronic kidney disease and on dialysis to improve their health without a trip to the hospital multiple times a week. However, it has to be noted that alternative medicine is much more efficient when used long term for prevention […]

Conventional Treatments Of The Kidney

Conventional treatments of the kidney Conventional treatment options for Kidney Disease Conventional therapy for kidney disease refers to the allopathic approach to it; these options try to reduce the burden on kidney and remove toxins from the body with medical intervention. Conventional treatments aim in trying to reduce the disease with fairly aggressive regimes when it comes to the medicines. These will range from diet modifications to dialysis three times a week depending at what stage the kidney failure is. […]

Diseases That Affect the Kidney

Diseases that affect the kidney Kidneys are small sized filtering units of the body that take around 40% shares in managing and balancing the internal environment of the body. Genetics could gift you resilience or sensitivity to disease when it comes to kidneys. Co morbid diseases like hypertension and diabetes, frequent infections and renal stones cause 75% of the kidney failures seen worldwide. Renal Cancer and polycystic kidney disease are rare as they have strong genetic and environmental factors involved. […]

Kidneys: The filter units of the body

Kidneys: The filter units of the body As humans we are surprisingly clueless about our own bodies. Our bodies are complex units that function well due to the little factories that work each and every second of the day to keep our bodies in tune. Kidneys are amazing organs weighing around 115 to 170 grams placed in the lumbar region, which filter around 1 liter of blood every minute. Like every other organ in the body, the kidneys don’t only […]