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How to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

How to Stay Calm Under Pressure? Stress and pressure become a necessary part of our modern life. They both can be external and internal. While many people believe that it is hard to stay calm under pressure, experts do not agree. They think we can choose our reaction and minimize stress. Some of them suggest at least counting to ten when we face acute stress. Furthermore, they advise us to change our perception and focus on the big picture. Being […]

What Causes Puffy Bags Under Eyes?

What Causes Puffy Bags Under Eyes? Bags under eyes usually appear as a result of the aging process. Sometimes, they can take a shape of dark circles, while sometimes they rather come as puffy bags under the eyes. According to experts, puffy swollen bags or dark circles do not represent a serious health condition per se. What may point at a certain health problem is a presence of other signs or symptoms characteristic of a certain disease. When swollen eyes […]

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Fermented foods are almost forgotten in our fast-paced modern way of life. In every tradition, fermented foods represented a necessary part of a healthy diet, especially because it was the favorite food in winter. Today, we have many convenient options to store and obtain foods in winter. We use freezers and fresh foods that are imported from different parts of the world. In spite of that, some people become aware of health benefits of traditional […]

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts Walnut is one of the healthiest foods in the world that has been used for thousands of years. Different civilizations were aware of health benefits of walnuts and used them in their diet. According to medical experts, walnuts are the best known for their benefits on cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that only 7 walnuts a day can significantly decrease and eliminate the risk of heart attack. They are well known as the food that lowers […]

How Our Diet Affects Depression?

How Our Diet Affects Depression? According to many studies, there is a strong link between our diet and depression. People who eat real food are less prone to depression than people who lean on processed and junk food. Namely, a recent study shows that people who eat a lot of processed food have 60 percent greater risk to develop depression and anxiety. Medical experts claim that a condition of our gut determines how our brain functions. Actually, it is our […]

Health Benefits of Minimalism

Health Benefits of Minimalism In our modern world, many of us believe that having more is a key to happiness. However, the latest researches have shown that this belief is far away from the truth. The better solution to happy life is to be content with less or live a minimalistic lifestyle. Moreover, recent studies have revealed impressive health benefits of minimalism. One of the greatest benefits is less stress. Namely, clutter in our homes makes us overstimulated and anxious. […]

How to Stop Self-Sabotage

How to Stop Self-Sabotage Self-sabotage behavior is not easy to spot. Often, we speak about our goals and do whatever we can on the surface, when suddenly we do something wrong or continuously undermine our goal with bad habits or bad behavior. Because we sabotage ourselves unconsciously, it is not easy to stop the behavior. Experts believe that the very first step is to recognize what we are doing. When we make excuses and try to approve our failings, we […]

How to Deal with Deadline Stress

How to Deal with Deadline Stress Deadline stress is the most common factor that raises up our overall stress level. It does not only ruin productivity, but it also harms our health. For that reason, many of us want to know how to deal with deadline stress effectively. On the one hand, we need deadlines that help us finish our tasks. If taken reasonably they can improve productivity. On the other hand, unrealistic deadlines, or deadlines that are not sufficiently […]