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How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter?

How to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter? According to many studies, weight gain in winter is the common place for many of us during the winter months. Statistics show that four in ten women and one in two men gain weight in winter. Moreover, these approximately 5 kilos usually do not go away later. And it is frequently how obesity happens. However, experts found several reasons why it is hard to avoid weight gain in the winter. The first thing […]

Health Benefits of Cocoa

Health Benefits of Cocoa Until the 16th century, cocoa and its health benefits were known for Mayan only. After Spanish explorer found the New World, the other part of the world got a chance to experience miraculous health benefits of this plant. In the past, hot cocoa drink and hot chocolate were used as medicine, especially to improve the mood. Later scientific studies have confirmed its positive effects on our feelings and mood. However, cocoa had far greater benefits than […]

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Benefits of Outdoor Activities In our modern world, many of us spend the most of our time indoors. Conformity, technical gadgets, and working conditions make our lifestyle mostly indoors. For that reason, we forget all the benefits of outdoor activities that we have for centuries. Not only that we have devoid ourselves of health benefits, but also suffer from the consequences. The first thing we lack is vitamin D. According to experts, vitamin D deficiency reaches pandemic proportions. A deficiency […]

How to Get Enough Vitamin D?

How to Get Enough Vitamin D? Vitamin D is crucial for our bones and muscles. It also greatly affects our heart health and neurological system. Recently, scientists have found out that deficiency of vitamin D influences our mental health in a negative way. According to them, vitamin D is crucial for brain function. However, we often face an important question: How can we get enough vitamin D? Long ago, vitamin D deficiency were not an issue per se as today. […]

What Habits Can Prevent Heart Disease?

What Habits Can Prevent Heart Disease? Even though we have many information on healthy diets and risk factors of heart disease, a percentage of cardiovascular disease is still extremely high. According to medical experts, it is not only diet, but our lifestyle that can prevent heart disease. They think good habits can help to decrease the risk. The recommendations are well known – eat more fruits and vegetables, quit smoking, drink less, and exercise. However, when it comes to diet, […]

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Health Benefits of Yogurt Yogurt is known as one of the healthiest foods that has many benefits to our health. However, according to nutritionists, not each yogurt is healthy. There are so many options in a market and people often is misguided by marketing tricks. Nutritionists recommend opting for the plain yogurt. They also address the most common false belief about yogurt’s health properties. Namely, some people think that fat-free or low-fat yogurt is a healthy option per se. In […]

Too Much Responsibility and Stress

Too Much Responsibility and Stress Many of us tend to think that responsibility is a good thing. But, when we take too much responsibility we immediately step into a high-stress zone. Sometimes, consequences of stress and over-responsibility can come in the form of anxiety, depression, burnout, etc. To avoid such outcomes, we need to look closer at responsibility and decide when it is too much. According to psychologists, people who have a strong underlying sense of guilt, and low self-worth […]

Health Benefits of Green Beans

Health Benefits of Green Beans Green beans have long been known for their health benefits among the ancient tribes of Mayans and Inkas. In the rest of the world, green beans appeared after Spanish explorers have discovered the New World. Today, there are about 150 sorts of green beans that vary by their shape and color. However, they do not differ much in their nutritional value, regardless of their diversity. Many studies have shown the powerful effects of green beans, […]